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Welcome to Torino, Italy!

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic mountain ranges of the Alps, Torino is the capital of the Piedmont region of Italy. Named as the first capital of the newly formed Italy in 1861, remains a remnant of its majestic allure with ornate architecture, and is brimming full of rich history. The birthplace of household names such as Nutella and Fiat, Torino packs a real punch in an otherwise industrious city. Wander through its quaint arcades and past grand buildings as you discover the city as a worldwide local. Enjoy this guide for an inside look at this marvelous Italian city.

Where to Begin

Head straight to the heart of a quintessential neighborhood and one of the oldest parts of the city, Quadrilatero Romano is perched right in the center of Torino. The neighborhood is the remnants of the ancient Roman quarter, which also includes a preserved Roman gate and a few excavations still there to see. It holds a network of charming, narrow, cobblestoned streets set up in grid formation, with rustic buildings emblematic to the city. With the locals residing in the neighborhood, it completes the authentic atmosphere of a quaint oasis in a modern city. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Immerse yourself into the local crowd as you get lost in the commotion at Europe’s largest open-air market; the Mercato di Porta Palazzo. Witness a mass of boisterous shoppers jostling and bargaining for the best price on fresh seasonal produce. You can also grab tasty snacks as you weave your way past little stalls and their barkers.

Go Underground in Torino

Deep within the city, is a series of mysterious and eerie passageways. The tunnels of Pietro Micca offer an alternative view of the city under its streets. The tunnels are the remains of what once was a fortified city, protected against invasion. Now, the dungeons lead you through to the cellars of gorgeous palaces and creepy crypts within the city, while also displaying its defensive purpose during the middle ages. Listen to the local stories suggesting underground events that happen in the night.

Worldwide Local Tip: Taste your way around Torino, a city notorious for its abundance of delicious local pasta. Try the regional fare such as agnolotti and plin, a Piedmontese style ravioli filled with meat, and topped with a flavorful sauce. Dine with a collection of the region’s best wine at Casa Broglia, while chatting with the locals about the strengths of the popular Torino FC.

Enjoy the Outdoors in Torino

Situated on the other side of the River Po is an area filled with charming gardens and teeming with lush greenery. A respite from the busy streets of the main city, Parco Europa offers a serene area with a panoramic view of the cityscape, and a scenic backdrop of the Alps looming over the city. During the summer, especially in Torino, Italy weather patterns are beyond lovely, so grab a picnic blanket and indulge yourself in Torino’s wide assortment of decadent chocolates from one of its established local chocolatiers. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Just north of the city, is a park that resembles a dystopian metropolis. The Parco Dora is a playground for contemporary designers that have expressed their imagination post-industrial wasteland, and transforming it to a sprawling urban park. It’s filled with intriguing artwork in the form of street murals and quirky sculptures. 

Enjoy Your Stay!

Torino is a stunning city that remains to be an off-the-beaten-path destination in Italy. A thriving cosmopolitan, with perpetual scenery of the snow-capped Alps. Worldwide locals can engross themselves in the city’s royal charm with rustic traditions.