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Welcome to Tehran, Iran!

A charmingly chaotic capital city, Tehran is a modern metropolis that is proud of its culture and unique traditions. The media sometimes paints Iran in a bad light which is an unfair depiction of an otherwise beautiful country. Tehran is the beating heart of Iran, a hub and the lifeblood of the country. Prepare to enjoy the Tehran weather as you discover its chaotic streets, set on a backdrop of snow-capped mountains. Meander through this pulsating, monolithic city as a worldwide local and engross yourself with everything it has to offer. This insider’s guide will help you do just that.

A Convenient Day Trip

With millions of inhabitants in the city alone, exploring the city can get extremely crowded and claustrophobic. Escape the concrete jungle and head north to the quaint village of Darband. A place frequented by locals to get some fresh air away from the smog of the inner city, Darband offers a peaceful getaway. This charming little village is perched on the mountainous outskirts of downtown and is surrounded by gorgeous lush greenery. You can hike its trails if you are feeling energetic, or simply wind down at one of its hookah bars and mingle with the locals. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The currency in Iran is the Rial, but prices are shown in Toman. It can get very confusing sometimes, but the rule of thumb is if something is priced at 1 Toman, the actual price is 10 Rials. There can be many interpretations of the Toman, but you can always ask if you are still unsure.

Get a Local Taste of Tehran

A hidden restaurant constantly seen with long lines of locals waiting to be served, Sharaf Al-Eslami is a great place to get your traditional food fix. Oozing with an authentic Iranian atmosphere, the servings are huge and the food is extremely delectable. The rustic, traditional interior design only adds on to the magnificent ambiance of a frantic cafeteria-style dining experience. Unknown to the mainstream, this is a true hidden gem in Tehran. 

Worldwide Local Tip: It’s important to know that, despite what the media portrays, Iranians do not hate Americans or westerners. Locals love to watch Hollywood blockbuster movies and even love to knock back a nice cold Coke during a hot summer’s day. So you can wander around Tehran with that extra peace of mind. 

Shopping in Tehran!

While Tehran’s Grand Bazaar gets all the attention, there is a smaller, lesser-known bazaar held every Friday morning. The Jomeh Bazaar, which translates to Friday bazaar is nestled in a disused multi-story car garage and is more of a flea market. Merchants from all over the country gather up their second-hand wares and sell them for reasonable prices. From vintage memorabilia to traditional clothing from the corners of Iran, you can find all sorts of trinkets for potentially rock-bottom prices.

Worldwide Local Tip: When you’re visiting Tehran, time moves too quickly, so you’ll want to find the most convenient way to travel. The city’s public transport system is a stressful way to get around the city, with language barriers and big crowds. Avoid using it if possible. You can get around the city with ease by downloading the Snapp app. It is the Iranian equivalent to Uber, and offers almost 50% off a conventional taxi, making it the easiest way to get around from any of the Tehran hotels.

Enjoy Your Stay!

An incorrect perception of a country can put its beauty into the shadows, but you can discover Tehran’s provocative allure as you meet its friendly locals and learn about its captivating culture. Never pass up a deal on cheap flights to Tehran. In this city that tells a thousand tales, prepare to be pleasantly surprised in a place that is not to be missed.