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Welcome to Sumburgh! 

Sumburgh, Scotland, with a population of around 100, is a tiny village on the Shetland Islands. Majestically beautiful and charmingly isolated, visiting Sumburgh is a unique adventure, far away from the rest of the world. 

A land so distinct that it will leave you mesmerized, this is your worldwide local’s guide to the wonders of Sumburgh, Scotland.

Sumburgh’s location might have you believe that it is difficult to reach, but that is not the case. The faster and slightly expensive way is to fly into Sumburgh Airport, which is one of two airports in the world with a road running across the runway. There are frequent flights: Edinburgh to Sumburgh, or to get home, flights from Sumburgh to London. However, taking the ferry to Sumburgh is a more relaxing and scenic route. It costs a lot less and can prove to be the perfect romantic experience at the start of your Shetland trip. 

Worldwide Local Tip: When it comes to staying in Sumburgh, several options from hotels to homestays are available. However, for a memorable stay, check out the straightforwardly named Sumburgh Hotel. An 1867 stone building, renovated into a beautiful abode, with impressive views, the hotel also has self-catering accommodations for those who like to do their own cooking.

Begin with a Dive into History

In terms of tourist spots, the Jarlshof is Sumburgh’s primary attraction, conveniently located near the Sumburgh Hotel. A prehistoric archaeological site, excavations in the area have revealed housing structures, ornaments, tools, and art dating back to 2700 BC. A spectacular find, you can witness remains of life here from the Bronze, Iron, and Viking age. Entry tickets to the site cost $7.50 for adults and come with an audio guide.  

Worldwide Local Tip: A slightly more niche attraction is a short 15-minute drive away from Sumburgh. The Quendale Water Mill has on display various tools, wagons, and machinery from the 17th and 18th centuries when the mill was in use. It also hosts temporary exhibitions that cover a broader spectrum of the region’s heritage. 

Get a Bird’s-Eye View

When it comes to family attractions, Sumburgh Head and Lighthouse is the village’s crowning glory. An idyllic combination of natural marvels and local heritage, leaving behind your cameras or binoculars when visiting the site can prove to be a grave mistake. The 13 different viewpoints here boast of the most stunning 360° vistas that capture the raw beauty of the Shetland Islands. Children will especially love a walk through the Engine Room of the lighthouse, whereas birdwatchers can spot Puffins, Razorbills, and Fulmars playing around the nearby cliffs. Adult tickets cost $7.50 for the entire April to September season, allowing guests to make repeat visits during this time.    

Worldwide Local Tip: Travelling all the way to Shetland, perhaps from Glasgow to Sumburgh or even further, it only makes sense to tour some of its other attractions. A day trip to Mousa island is the perfect respite that will add a touch of fun and excitement to your holiday. If in Sumburgh between May and July, book the Storm Petrel Dusk Trip to Mousa Broch. For $32, you get a chance to go on a guided walk and witness the birds return to their homes in the golden light of the setting sun. A spectacular sight, this is sure to be the highlight of your Shetland vacation. 

Enjoy Your Stay! 

Home to endless stunning panoramas, the harmonious sounds of crashing waves, and the invigorating sea air, Sumburgh is a fairytale-like destination, packed with wondrous sights. As a worldwide local, you get to discover Sumburgh extensively and cherish its mystical allure.