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Welcome to Stavanger, Norway!

Set on Norway’s breathtaking western coast, Stavanger is a dynamic and youthful city oozing a vibrant atmosphere. The compact city is known to be a base point for the adventure seekers looking to hike Pulpit Rock, and its sights are often left ignored. Take a different route away from the crowded path to Pulpit Rock and immerse yourself in the character and the local vibe of Norway’s third city. From peaceful views of its fjords to its charming old-world cobbled streets, Stavanger will surprise anyone who explores its beauty. With easy, scenic access to the city offered via the Bergen to Stavanger ferry or the Oslo to Stavanger train, there’s no excuse not to visit. This is a worldwide local’s guide to Stavanger.  

Start in Old Stavanger

Located west of Vagen Bay is the historic quarter of the city, locally known as Gamle Stavanger or Old Stavanger. Take a journey back in time and explore its quaint, narrow streets lined with rustic street lamps and gorgeous wooden houses that have been restored to their former beauty. A picturesque neighborhood of the city, complete with a mixture of colors from its greenery and fuschia roofs. Greet the friendly residents who live there and get the authentic local ambiance of Old Stavanger. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Stavanger’s fjords may not be as spectacular as Bergen’s, but the city boasts a scenic cruise route brimming with natural beauty. Hop on a 3-hour cruise along Lysefjord to enjoy the Stavanger weather while discovering a 26-mile stretch of pure, uninterrupted nature. 

Discover Viking History in Stavanger

Engross yourself in rich Norse tales at the monument of Sverd I Fjell in Hafrsfjord. The three towering bronze swords pierce the ground to commemorate the bloody battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872 that united Norway into one kingdom. There are numerous interpretations of the swords but the most popular one is the three weapons symbolizing peace, unity, and freedom. Situated just west of the city, it offers an enchanting Viking aura with amazing views of the bay. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Stavanger’s food scene has undergone a culinary renaissance recently, with many restaurants serving delicious food, ranging from fusion cuisine to Michelin Star-worthy traditional fare. Amongst the sea of great restaurants is a charming street food shack that serves a multitude of bites to go. Fortou sells great takeaway food, from the Vietnamese Banh Mi to a British classic, fish, and chips. They also have delicious vegetarian options. 

Arts in Stavanger

See Stavanger in a different perspective and do some street art spotting. A refined city at the surface, it also holds an edgy underbelly with a catalog of colorful and fascinating street art. The city has been dubbed as Norway’s city of street art due to its ever-growing art scene making Stavanger the ideal canvas for aspiring artists. Join in the celebration of street art during the Nuart Festival, where local and international artists congregate to exchange ideas and show off their latest exhibits. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Norway’s wealth has been heavily driven by the discovery of oil off its coast. The Petroleum Museum sheds compelling light on the role of the liquid gold discovery and how it transformed an otherwise stuttering economy into the financial powerhouse it is today. Equipped with model replicas of oil rigs and tanker vessels, it is one of the more fascinating museums in Norway. 

Have a Wonderful Time in Stavanger!

A gorgeous port city in the midst of impressive landscape, with an energetic small-town feel, Stavanger provides an intimate experience of a quintessential Norwegian city. See the city as a worldwide local as it provides countless wonderful surprises along your travels.