Spokane Flights


Welcome to Spokane, Washington!

Spokane is a premier destination in Washington that seamlessly combines the attractiveness of nature with the benefits of modern life. The Spokane River, meandering through the heart of the city, is its lifeline, adding to the allure of the region while keeping it vibrant and kicking.   

History, art, and adventure form the perfect package, as you discover the many delights of this remarkable city with your very own worldwide local’s guide to Spokane.

Get the Lay of the Land

Once you’ve settled into one of the Spokane hotels, you’ll be ready for your first adventure. Spokane Falls and Dams, in the business district, are the main tourist attractions that give a distinct character to the city. Divided into two parts, the Upper and Lower, the entire area is a picturesque escape into the wild, idyllic for romantic walks or a family picnic.   

Worldwide Local Tip: When touring the city, reserve the sunny days for enjoying the Spokane weather at Riverfront Park. Bursting with expansive greenery, you can hike around here to discover the most incredible flora and fauna. Moreover, kids can play in the central fountain, hop on a carousel, or take the SkyRide for imposing views of the region from up top.

For the Adrenaline Junkie

Not one to miss out on opportunities, the people of Spokane make the most of the natural offerings that surround their urban landscape. Spokane River is a hotbed of adventure activity, and for $70 you can enjoy white-water rafting on a half-day trip. Nothing beats a bit of refreshing exercise in the open, with the benefit of admiring the neighboring environment. 

Worldwide Local Tip: While Spokane demands its visitors to be out and about, indoor activities are aplenty in the city. The Mobius Children’s Museum doubles up as an activity center with camps, events, and interactive displays, adding a sense of entertainment to education. Entry tickets at the museum cost $10, both for adults and children.       

Don’t Miss Martin Woldson Theater

There’s also something special for art and architecture enthusiasts, in Spokane. The Martin Woldson Theater is an Art Deco building housing a beautiful theater, home to the Spokane Symphony. Registered as a historical place, it’s a delight to attend any performance here, and is sure to leave you in awe of its elegant interiors. For a more modern alternative, stop in at the Spokane Arena to catch a game or a show.

Worldwide Local Tip: Wait! Did you feel a sudden chill in the air just now? If yes, it’s probably because you are close to Greenwood Cemetery. Known for its haunted steps, this is where Spokane worldwide locals come to get their spook on. However, the property is private, but you can always request the owners to let you go up and investigate, at your own risk, of course.    

Visit a Trash-Eating Goat

In Spokane, they don’t talk trash; they eat it. The trash eating goat in Riverfront Park is a local landmark that dates back 45 years. A metal art piece that hoovers up bits and bobs of garbage, at the press of a button, the goat continues to amuse, and educate both children and adults about conservation and keeping the city clean. While you’re at it, feel free to sit on it for a memorable photo-op.     

Worldwide Local Tip: Exploring Spokane is exciting, but it can also be tiring. To refuel your body, make a pitstop at Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle. The Americana vibe oozes from this independent diner, shaped like a milk bottle, where you will find the most delectable burgers and creamy milkshakes. It’s one of the most fun Spokane restaurants to visit.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Bathing in natural beauty, Spokane is an archetypical American city with deep ties to its Native American heritage, which is evident in the local food and buildings. As a worldwide local, you have access to Spokane’s medley of attractions, each one as unique and entertaining as the previous one.