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Welcome to São Paulo, Brazil!

A massive sprawling metropolis packed with history and unique culture, São Paulo is the stimulating heart of Brazil. Equipped with an innovative culinary scene, edgy art landscape, and an interesting blend of architecture, Sao Paulo is much more than just a gateway to Brazil. A city with endless amounts of sights and attractions, worldwide locals know how to get the best of the city. This is an insider's guide to São Paulo. 

Fun for the Whole Family 

If you’re traveling with kids who are bouncing off the walls of your São Paulo hotel, your first stop should be the city’s incredible zoo. The São Paulo Zoo displays over 3200 animals with species of each animal family well represented in the largest zoo in Brazil. From species commonly found locally to exotic species that you would normally find in the safaris of Africa, you can easily lose countless hours roaming the park learning about each animal. A day at the zoo can become crowded and the humidity may not be ideal, why not take the guided night tours. A particularly interesting side of the zoo, you can see nocturnal animals that are usually not seen during the day. From different species of bats, possums, and owls, you can discover how the other half live in the cover of darkness. 

Worldwide Local Tip: São Paulo weather, a warm and tropical climate, grows some of the best tasting exotic fruits in the world. Visit the lively Companhia de Entrepostos e Armazéns Gerais de São Paulo, or in short, CEAGESP Food Market. The largest food market has stalls filled with striking colors flooding the market with a collection of fruits grown locally. Grab a juicy carambola or a fruta do conde to refresh yourself in the sweltering heat. 

Hang with the Hip Young Crowd

The local youth of São Paulo constantly look for the unusual and the quirkiest activities in the city. Join them at a disused brick factory that has been transformed into a contemporary art gallery where free thinking artists come to gather and share their ideas. If you’re lucky, you can join a free party with friendly locals listening to Brazilian music. Be sure to arrive before 5 pm, as the venue may get full and deny people from entering.  

Worldwide Local Tip: Head to Paulista Avenue every Sunday, when the biggest avenue in the city closes the traffic and becomes a haven for pedestrians. The vibrant street is filled with street performers and is teeming with members of the São Paulo population, all taking a gentle stroll along the boulevard. The boisterous locals create an authentic Brazilian atmosphere under the backdrop of gorgeous architecture. 

Get Outdoors at Parque Agua Branca

Within the concrete jungle setting of São Paulo is a green oasis filled with free-roaming birds, interesting buildings and a quaint weekend organic market. Locals flock to Parque Agua Branca to escape the whirring noise of cars and the crowded streets of the inner city and find a serene getaway in the middle of the largest city in South America. There are countless things to see within the park vicinity, with a geological museum and an institution dedicated to fishing. Take a gentle stroll across the breezy paths along the artificial lakes with charming waterworks. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Add some Brazilian flair into your closet and head to the NK Store. The store has an extensive collection of Brazilian designers, showcasing the latest trendy designs from across the country. Diversify your clothing collection and add a bit of samba.

Have an Unforgettable Time in São Paulo, Brazil!

An expansive sea of skyscrapers and a labyrinth busy streets, São Paulo is understandably considered as intimidating at first glance. Worldwide locals can delve deeper into its diverse culture and fascinating urban art, immersing themselves in its amazing sights and sounds.