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Welcome to San Antonio, Texas!

A city that is forever forged in the annals of American history, San Antonio is not only steeped with country defining tales but is also a charming city to explore. A melting pot of Mexican and American culture, the big city has a small-town feel, where the friendly faces of the locals make you feel right at home. There is so much to do and see, from SeaWorld San Antonio to the happy chaos of a San Antonio Spurs game. Worldwide locals can explore a sprawling modern city, where its downtown is scattered with reminders of its colonial past. This is an insider’s guide to the picturesque city of San Antonio. 

Remember the Alamo

A trip to San Antonio is not complete without visiting its historical sites, such as the Alamo. After visiting the iconic monument, take a walk at the outdoor museum of the Mission Trail and continue to live through the city’s history. Embark on a 9-mile pedestrian route past several fascinating missions and past the gorgeous San Antonio Riverwalk. For a more informative perspective on the historic trail, there are several guided tours throughout the day.  
Worldwide Local Tip: Hang out with the San Antonio natives and visit an old abandoned brewery, the Pearl Brewery. A local favorite with restaurants and bars, offering traditional food and a burgeoning craft beer scene, you can easily lose a couple of hours at The Pearl. The wonderful ambiance is topped with a leafy and modern square with a splash pad in the center.  

Escape the Hot San Antonio Weather with a Trip Underground

See the city from a different perspective and take your ventures underground to the Natural Bridge Caverns. This largest underground attraction in Texas showcases magnificent rock formations and subterranean caverns. Take the eerie lantern tour, where the lights are completely turned off to replicate the experience of what the first explorers went through. Test your dexterity with the Canopy Challenge, where you will be taken to the various obstacles throughout the Adventure Course. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Relatively unknown to the global wine scene, San Antonio has quietly amassed a great collection of local wineries just on their doorstep. Make your way to the Texas Country Hill to see over 30 vineyards and wineries producing unique takes on the classic European wines. 

Yeehaw, Partner!

Texas is famous for its cattle ranching cowboys that have been popularized in the theater screens as lawless gunslingers. Visit the Texas Ranger Museum to experience a part of Texan culture and history with a gallery of artifacts such as old weapons and a collection of sepia photographs. For one of the most unique things to do in San Antonio, live your cowboy dreams and roam Ranger Town, a real-life replica of San Antonio during the frontier days with interactive saloons, blacksmiths and much more.

Worldwide Local Tip: You don’t need to cross the border to feel an authentic and frantic Mexican vibe. Head to the Market Square, or El Mercado, to see a historic market with a colorful Latin American flair. You can smell the aroma of delicious tacos filling the air with traditional Mexican items for sale. 

Enjoy Your Stay!

From treasure troves of unique history and culture to an amazing gastronomic scene, San Antonio has a comprehensive list of fascinating things for worldwide locals to do. From an epic history of immense bravery to a charming blend of cultures, San Antonio is a wonderful city to lose yourself in.