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Welcome to Saarbrucken, Germany!

A modern and young city with a deep connection with its colorful history, Saarbrucken is the perfect off the beaten path destination in Germany. Perched on the western edge on the borders of France, the capital of the nation’s smallest state has many tales to tell its visitors. From astonishing remnants of baroque medieval architectures to a burgeoning gastronomy scene and the popular Saarbrucken Festival, worldwide locals can leave pleasantly surprised by their visit to this less-traveled region of Germany. Discover Saarbrucken with this insider’s guide to the largest city in the Saarland state.

If You Love to Learn, Saarbrucken Is the City for You

Saarbrucken has been associated with Germany’s industrial revolution and was home to one of the most important ironworks and smelters in the world. Established in 1873 and closed down only recently in 1986, the Volklingen Ironworks is a stark reminder of the city’s hard-working past, with tall furnaces piercing through the sky and the presence of machinery that is still standing to this day. If you’re wondering what to do in Saarbrucken, look no further. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is now an interactive science museum, where visitors can learn about the fascinating history of the local steelwork industry.  

Worldwide Local Tip: The Heizkraftwerk Römerbrücke is an eco-friendly power station that has a 177-meter chimney designed to reduce pollution in the city. You can head to the power station at night to watch a multicolored LED light show of the chimney.

Visit St Johanner Markt Square

Located in the historic heart of the city, the St Johanner Markt Square is a bustling hub of local activity flanked by gorgeous architecture. The square and its surrounding buildings were redesigned by Friedrich Joachim Stengel during the 1740s to provide an ornate renaissance charm that still stands today. Its humble size is the perfect setting for locals and visitors to relax during the late afternoon grabbing drinks or snacks on the surrounding bars and cafes. The square is the perfect place to catch the everyday lives of Saarbrucken’s residents.

Worldwide Local Tip: Visit the square during Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays to see a market emerge in the square, with rows of stalls and local vendors selling their wares. A farmer’s market takes over the square every Saturday, where fresh regional produce is sold. 

Relax in a Local Park

Just a short distance from the busy Saarbrucken city center is a tranquil park filled with quaint walking trails and lush green surroundings. The Deutsch-Franzosischer Garten is full of locals and their families enjoying the wildlife and open play areas by the lake. During your visit to the park, you can take the Seilbahn, a chairlift that takes you to the two main entrances of the park giving you great vertical views of the gardens while saving energy on your legs.  

Worldwide Local Tip: Start your day right and indulge yourself in a delicious breakfast buffet at Manin. Incorporating a heavy influence of French cuisine, you can have many pastries and croissants, as well as fried savory viands, such as smoked bacon and local sausages.

Enjoy Your Stay!

A city unknown to the mainstream tourist destinations, Saarbrucken is a great place to experience both the modern and traditional, which is shown in the lifestyles of its people. Discover the untouched regions of Germany as a worldwide local and see the real local atmosphere of a thriving city.