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Welcome to Rochester, NY!

Most people tend to forget that New York State is much more than just the Big Apple. Upstate New York has plenty of scenic cities without the huge crowds, that also possess their own local charm. Rochester is the state’s third largest city and is a microcosm of its own unique history and culture. From a burgeoning flour industry in the mid 19th century, it has become the home of the famous camera producer Kodak. Explore one of New York’s most picturesque cities as a worldwide local with this insider’s guide of Rochester.

Visit the High Falls

Right in the heart of the city of Rochester, amongst the brick highrises, is a magnificent urban waterfall. The High Falls descend 96 feet into the Genesee River and is the city’s most photographed spots. Head to the observation deck for a picturesque view of the waterfalls, dramatically crashing down with the backdrop of the Rochester city skyline, as the water mist gently hits your skin. The locals soak in the view with a beer on hand at the Genesee Brewhouse, as the outdoor terraces provide a sweeping view of the waterfalls and a unique way to enjoy the Rochester weather.

Worldwide Local Tip: Visiting the Rochester public market is a great way to see not only the fresh produce from local farmers but also a diaspora of different ethnicities selling their traditional food. The market is at its best during a Saturday morning, with a bustling crowd and lots of stalls to browse. 

Eat Like a Local at the Rochester Restaurants

If you love to eat food with different textures, flavors, and colors in one bite, don’t miss the garbage plate, a Rochester staple and one not to be missed. Originally created for late night revelers looking for a hearty grub to fill their bellies, a plate can consist of anything from home fries with macaroni salad and covered with a good portion of chili. Locals head to Nick Tahou Hots or Henrietta Hots for a plate, which can be enjoyed even without drinking!

Worldwide Local Tip: Rochester’s craft beer scene, is experiencing a renaissance with many breweries in the area creating an alternative beer landscape. Tour Rochester Canandaigua Lake Beer Trail either on foot or on a river cruise.

Don’t Miss One of the Best Things to Do in Rochester, NY

The George Eastman House, the iconic historical landmark in Rochester, includes a compelling museum. The house of the founder of the Eastman Kodak Company, George Eastman, helped revolutionize modern photography as we see today. You can discover a collection of Eastman’s work and archives providing a telling insight on how modern photography was formed. The elegant mansion, also, has a quaint garden with flowers blooming all around the property, where you can take a relaxing stroll in season. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Visit Rochester’s film boutique at The Little Theater. Catch one of its many films on display, from independent productions to foreign classics. Step away from the mainstream industry to enjoy a well produced indie film in this rustic cinema.

Enjoy Your Stay!

A tremendously humble and hard-working city, Rochester is easy to miss due to its great neighboring cities. Explore the streets as a worldwide local and immerse yourself in Rochester’s history, meet its friendly natives, and join in the great local vibe.