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Welcome to Rayong, Thailand!

Gorgeous sunsets await your arrival at Rayong City, a bustling Thai city with direct access to the Gulf of Thailand. Home to a beautiful coastline, unspoiled beaches, and an ever-present cultural vibe immersed in age-old traditions. Rayong is a jewel of a place that will amaze you with its picturesque setting and quaint attractions. 

If you’re okay with traveling by bus, Rayong to Bangkok is an easy trip to make, so there’s no excuse to miss out on this remarkable place. Off the tourist track and into the very soul of the city, this is your worldwide insider’s guide to the many wonders of Rayong.

Seafood in Rayong

Primarily a fishing town, Rayong is known for its exquisite fish sauce, traditional handicrafts, and for having a Ford assembly plant. Even though the city is a tourist destination, you’ll find very few international visitors here. Instead, it is famous as a day-trip execution for youngsters from Bangkok. who come here to savor the seafood and breathe in the fresh air. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Rayong is all about the beach life, and for the ultimate desolate spot away from the bustling masses, quietly head out to Mae Ramphueng. At this Rayong beach, map your day around a feeling of total freedom. Almost deserted on weekdays, with only a few local visitors, on the weekends, this is, quite frankly, the city’s best-hidden spot in plain sight. Stick around at White Rocks Courtyard in the middle of the beach, until the evening when you can witness the magic of mother nature as seen through a glorious multicolored sunset you won’t forget about quickly. 

Head to Ko Samet for the Day

Speaking of beaches, the island of Ko Samet, situated about a 45-minute ferry ride away, is one of the primary reasons to be in Rayong. Featuring a diverse topography, lavish resorts, crystal clear waters with colorful corals, and white sandy beaches, a day trip here is the ultimate refreshing escape. However, to make the most of the island, rent a scooter or a quad bike and head out in search of the many smaller beaches that are less crowded and oh-so-beautiful. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Back in Rayong, atop a hill, and hidden behind trees is Chao Pho tho Kong, a unique shrine that is in the shape of a boat. Unknown to most tourists, it is mostly fishermen who come here to pray before a voyage. Even if the boat shrine doesn’t interest you, the views of Ko Samet from the top are worth a stop here. 

Don’t Miss Star Night Bazaar

The marketplaces of Rayong carry the city’s core temperament, and Star Night Bazaar is an energetic and significant rendition of a farmer’s market. With over a hundred stalls selling everything under the sun, you can savor delicious street-food, buy t-shirts, and even get a manicure here. To make it a little interesting, put your bargaining powers to the test and see how low a price you can get away with. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Every place has that one oddity that borders on being tacky, and for Rayong, it’s Strawberry Town. But beware, for this charming sounding “park” has nothing to do with strawberries. Instead, it has a few colorful Dutch style buildings, including a windmill, that makes for a nice photo opportunity, and if you’re really into it, there’s a possibility to rent costumes and dress up. The lake and the well-manicured gardens are a lovely natural respite, and they do have zip-lining that adds a hint of thrill to the visit. 

Enjoy Your Stay in Rayong!

Remarkable places lead to unforgettable memories, and Rayong is the idyllic seaside adventure that you can relish with family or a lover. There’s an incomparable authentic charm to Rayong, and as a worldwide local, you get first-hand access to the city’s many wonders.