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Welcome to Perm!

When travelers think of Russia, cities like St. Petersburg or Moscow typically come to mind. However, there are many interesting places worth visiting in this huge country. One of them is  Perm. Located on the east bank of the Kama River in Russia, Perm is a vibrant city, well-known for its picturesque parks, museums, and art galleries.

Exploring Perm and its lively streets as a worldwide local allows travelers to discover some of the city’s best kept secrets. Whether you wish to visit museums, indulge in the local cuisine, or enjoy outdoor activities, this insider’s guide ensures that your visit to Perm is a memorable experience.

Start with a Dive into History

The Museum of Permian Antiquities is a great place to start your Perm travel adventure. This interactive museum focuses on the geological discoveries which were made in the region. Make sure to check out the magnificent skeletons and the cool hands-on exhibits, especially if you are traveling with the little ones. 

Our next stop is the lovely Gorky Park. During the summer season, the park is packed with a wide range of attractions for kids, and there are numerous snack stalls where you can enjoy some homemade Russian foods. Winter is a great time to go ice-skating in this amazing park, but bundle up. In Perm, Russia weather patterns are just like in the rest of the country: cold!

Worldwide Local Tip: Perm hosts many interesting festivals throughout the year. From the International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana, which is held every October, to the International Diaghilev Festival in June, which focuses on theater and classical art, there is plenty to look forward to during your time in Perm. Russia, right now, is a challenging place to visit, but these events make it worth your while!

Arts and Culture

There is also the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art (PERMM) and exhibition space. From hosting lectures to organizing festivals and workshops, PERMM is worth visiting,  while in the city. Apart from similar museums in Moscow, this is the only contemporary art gallery of its kind in Russia. To snap a cool photo for your Instagram account, visit the main symbolic landmark of Perm called Salty Ears. This is basically a cute sculpture, which consists of an oval frame with big ears. There is also a figure of a photographer who is taking a picture of the sculpture.

Worldwide Local Tip: For a local shopping experience in Perm, pay a visit to Clothes Peg, where they sell jewelry, clothes, and bags. Book lovers will want to check out Piotrovsky, which is considered as one of the best bookshops in all of Russia. Fan of vinyl records? Visit the Spin record store.

Exploring the Unique Parts of Perm

Renowned for its incredible collection of cool Permian wooden sculptures, Perm State Art Gallery is a great place to spend the afternoon. Admire the brightly colored figures, which are a product of the Finno-Ugric population and Christian missionaries. Once you’ve had enough of all the cultural attractions, go to the Speakeasy cocktail bar in Perm. There is no sign outside the place and no dance floor whatsoever. However, they do serve the best cocktails in the city.

Worldwide Local Tip: Fancy a glass of cold beer? The Old Moose Pub has the best selection of international beers in the area. Whether you wish to try Belgian Ale or order a bottle of some fine German beer, the beer menu here is quite extensive. The good news is that you can bring food here, and there are live musical performances in the summer.

Have an Amazing Time in Perm, Russia!

When you fly into Perm Airport, Russia will be waiting to wow you. It’s not the most popular tourist destination, but the city is magnificent in so many ways. Discover the beauty of Perm as a worldwide local to see the city from a local’s perspective.