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Welcome to Panama City, Panama!

For a country known for connecting the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Panama’s capital city remains to be an unknown destination when it comes to tourism. Panama City shows a contrast of its old colonial past and its modern core side by side forming a vibrant metropolis. Wander through its historic quarter, frolic across its state of the art shopping malls, and discover a hidden gem as a worldwide local. See the city through the eyes of a local with this insider’s guide to Panama City.

Fun Things to Do in Panama City 

A trip to the Panama Canal is an absolute must. A modern engineering feat that has transformed the landscape of the country and the world. Head to the Miraflores Locks to see how ships cross from one ocean to another. Watching enormous ships go through the complicated process of the lock is simply mesmerizing and an engineering feat that is celebrated in the Miraflores Visitor Center. This is an expansive interactive museum with 4 floors dedicated to the creation, expansion, and operation of the iconic structure. Head to the top floor for sweeping views of the Panama Canal doing its work.

Worldwide Local Tip: Panama grows its own coffee beans with a distinct flavor known as the Geisha. Finding a cafe serving the Geisha coffee can be difficult as only a few serve them, but you can go to Cafe Unido next to the American Trade, a great Panama City hotel, for a sip of the local beverage. 

For the Nature Lover

Panama has a vast collection of local wildlife due to its unique location connecting the Americas together. With a tropical climate, coastal location and lush forests, Panama keeps multiple species of flora and fauna with some endemic to the region. The first thing you notice is the peculiar architecture and colorful design, designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry. With 8 galleries, the interactive museum holds exhibits on natural and cultural history showing the role of humans and how the biology in the country has evolved.

Worldwide Local Tip: The locals love to eat cheap and delicious street food at the Mercado de Mariscos, a bustling seafood market serving tasty morsels of fresh seafood. Savor the fragrant and tangy taste of ceviche, a local favorite in Panama City. 

Get a Glimpse of the Classic Panama City

To see Panama City’s local historic charm, make your way to Casco Viejo to see its authentic Panamanian character. The remnants from the Spanish colonialism still remains to make Casco the beating heart and the endless soul of the capital. See European inspired buildings with a tropical flair, with a sea of pastel colors quaint houses and baroque churches to be seen as you wander through the neighborhood. Admire the golden altar of Iglesia San Jose, a mahogany carving coated with gold leaf emanating a divine aura across the church.

Worldwide Local Tip: Cycle around the edge of the city at Amador Causeway. Feel the sea breeze as you escape the city’s commotion in this charming isthmus. Relax at the boardwalk with locals, enjoying the Panama City weather, and watch the sunset while taking in the magnificent views of the city skyline.

Enjoy Your Stay! 

A city with towering skyscrapers along with rustic ancestral buildings, Panama City offers a wonderful mix of old and new. Worldwide locals can discover the hidden gem of Latin America, an underrated city that has so much to offer and deserves so much more attention than it currently gets.