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Welcome to Palma de Mallorca, Spain!

A sun-soaked holiday destination in the heart of the Mediterranean, Palma is the gateway to the gorgeous island of Mallorca. For most visitors, Palma is just a quick stop off before heading to one of the resort towns of the island to enjoy pristine beaches and turquoise waters (though there are some lovely Palma de Mallorca beaches, as well). However, the gorgeous city of Palma possesses a hidden charm that people overlook, from pretty architecture to a quaint old town, the capital of the island begs to be explored. This is a worldwide local’s guide to the resort city of Palma de Mallorca.  

Visit the City’s Historical Hotspots

Take a peek into the island’s long history by visiting the ancient Arab Baths. During the 10th century when the Moors were in control of the majority of Spain, Palma de Mallorca was previously known as Medina Mayurqa. Only discovered around 100 years ago are the remnants of a Roman structure that was transformed into an opulent Islamic house. Walk through the Roman columns and gaze at the perfectly preserved dome as you are transported back in time. For a pleasant oasis in the middle of the bustling city, take a stroll in its dreamy garden, full of rare plants and flowers.

Palma Cathedral is grandiose both inside and outside, but the cathedral is arguably at its most beautiful after sunset when the light hits from different angles along with the backdrop of the night sky--seeing this sight is definitely one of the best things to do in Palma de Mallorca.

Visit Santa Catalina

Get lost in one of Palma’s most beautiful spots, Santa Catalina, a quaint neighborhood where you can find a myriad of things to keep you occupied for a considerable amount of time. Previously a run-down district of the city, it has been transformed into a trendy neighborhood filled with cute bistros and popular art galleries. You can find a lovely Palma de Mallorca hotel in this neighborhood, as well. While the area has undergone a noticeable change, Santa Catalina has retained its authenticity and its local flair.

Worldwide Local Tip: Art lovers should not miss the Es Baluard Museum. It holds a fantastic collection of exhibits, from neoclassical art to contemporary sculptures with indoor and outdoor areas. The courtyard also offers spectacular views of the bay and offers a relaxing way to enjoy the Palma de Mallorca weather. 

Tour Bellver Castle

West of the city is a 14th-century Gothic sandstone castle that looks over the city. Perched atop the hill, the Bellver Castle is a circular castle that served a multitude of purposes such as being a prison to the residence of the Spanish Royal family. Now, it is a museum that celebrates the history of Mallorca while keeping an old-world atmosphere around the grounds. Tour its elaborate rooms and wander through charming courtyards as you engross yourself in the history of the island. Head to the roof for a panoramic view of the city, along with vistas of the mountain ranges in the distance. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Enjoy Palma’s vibrant nightlife and head to the old town during Tuesday and Wednesday nights, when bars offer cheap tapas to entice revelers to come and drink during the quieter nights of the week. These deals will save you some money compared to the delicious but more expensive meals at the best restaurants in Palma de Mallorca. Embark on a bar crawl along the old town with a great place to start being the Molta Barra where the locals thrive with a great selection of drinks and delicious food. 

Enjoy Your Stay!

Palma boasts a big city feel while retaining a relaxed island lifestyle. In a city almost devoid of tourists, you can explore the city as you rub shoulders with its locals and immerse yourself with its culture. Become a part of its rich history as you discover the Palma de Mallorca as a worldwide local.