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Welcome to Omaha, Nebraska!

Omaha is a vibrant modern city with a laid back vibe. Contrary to common misconceptions, you won’t see expansive cornfields in Nebraska’s largest city, rather an exciting food and music scene with a myriad of fun things to do. Home to Warren Buffet, Omaha somewhat reflects the billionaire in a way it is a humble yet prosperous city. Worldwide locals can discover the best the city has to offer with this insider’s guide to Omaha. 

Start at the Omaha Zoo

Before you get settled into one of the Omaha hotels, check out this amazing opportunity. If you think visiting a zoo during the day is too mainstream, then why not head to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo for their ‘Sleeping Bag Safari’. You can choose to set a tent up at the zoo grounds or opt for the more glamorous option of a safari tent and discover a totally different experience altogether. From fascinating exhibits to morning hikes all after opening hours, you can wander around the zoo with only a select few and see the animals from a different perspective during the Sleeping Bag Safari. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Stop by Nebraska’s first microdistilleries since the Prohibition at the Lucky Bucket Brewery. A creation of three local residents, it offers a relaxed atmosphere with a great selection of craft beers and spirits on offer. You can delve deeper into the distilling process with a guided tour around their brewing facilities. 

Latino Culture in Omaha

Thanks to an energetic community of Latin-Americans, Omaha celebrates the pageantry of its culture at the first ever Latino cultural center in the midwest. Established in 1993 in a disused church, the El Museo Latino holds eclectic displays of local and international exhibits focusing on Hispanic and Latino culture. You can watch entertaining shows, participate in dance classes, or simply marvel at the colorful artwork all hailing from the vibrant corners of Latin America. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Take a time out from the busy city at the quaint Gene Leahy Mall. A 10-acre park, set on the backdrop of the gorgeous city skyline, it’s an ideal spot to chill out in their leafy gardens and relaxing walkways--and the perfect way to enjoy the Omaha weather. Grab a piece of cardboard or a brown paper bag and gain speed at the slide designed for both kids and adults!

Eat Like a Local at the Omaha Restaurants

The Alpine Inn on the surface looks like an unassuming restaurant with a rustic cafeteria vibe in a historic inn, but they are known for serving hearty home-cooked fare with an adorable twist. While dishing up their delicious and tasty fried chicken is their specialty, the way they dispose of the scraps makes Alpine Inn a unique and a local favorite spot. Home to cute, nocturnal guests playing around its garden, the raccoons come to feast on leftovers with over 50 of them stopping by on any given day. Experience warm hospitality as you devour quality food with the friendly furry creatures, the Alpine Inn is a must while you’re in Omaha. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Grab your popcorn and enjoy independent and foreign films, documentaries, and anything the big theaters overlook at Film Streams. Not only do they show underrated masterpieces, paying for a ticket helps Film Streams support the local community by helping students learn about the art of film and how they can develop their talents. 

Enjoy Your Stay

A city hidden under the radar for most travelers, Omaha has what it takes to become the next big city destination. From eclectic choices of places to eat and mingle with the locals, Omaha can leave worldwide locals surprised with the myriad of activities on offer.