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Welcome to Nassau, Bahamas!

The freshness of the sea breeze, the welcoming nature of the residents, and a natural wonder packed with oddities, there’s an arresting uniqueness to the capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau, that never ceases to amaze.

With hues of blue, and pristine white sandy beaches too, it really is an island dream come true. Follow us on an intimate worldwide local’s adventure as we go about revealing the many spells Nassau uses to enchant. 

Visit the Colorful Bay Street

Once you’re all settled into your Nassau hotel, you’ll be ready to explore this magnificent city. As a one-time home to the infamous pirate Blackbeard, the past of Nassau is as colourful as its present. Commence your journey into the city’s vibrant modern-day culture with a stroll down Bay Street. Packed at times because of cruise day-trippers, it is the pretty little shops and cafes here that truly ooze an inimitable island vibe. While a shopper’s delight, it is the British colonial buildings that genuinely add character to the street.     

Worldwide Local Tip: If you are in search of something traditional, then skip the brands for Nassau Straw Market. You’ll find hand-weaved straw items here made by local artisans, perfect as holiday gifts to take back home. Can’t get enough of fridge magnets and keychains? Straw Market also has several shops selling touristy knick-knacks at bargain prices. 

Don’t Miss Snorkeling in Nassau

Enough with the shopping. Let’s get down to what makes Nassau a premier destination. The coral reefs surrounding the island for one are mesmerising, best experienced through several diving and snorkeling tours that leave throughout the day. The prices for the rentals do vary, so walk around and check a few places before finalising one, but don’t miss out on one of the best things to do in Nassau. Bahamas are known for their stunning sea life, and Nassau is no exception.  

Worldwide Local Tip: Since you wouldn’t want to crowd around too much at the coral reefs, swim to where the waters of Nassau hide the Ocean Atlas. Five meters under the sea, 17 feet tall, this statue of a young Bahamian girl by Jason deCaires Taylor makes for an artistic snorkel sight. Two similar underwater figures by local artists are yours to discover near the Clifton Heritage Centre.

Enjoy the Nassau Weather in the Best Way--at the Beach!  

It’s beach time, finally! If you love people watching, and the flurry of activity that surrounds a famous sun soaking spot, then Cable Beach is the one for you. However, for a bit of quiet, travel to Jaws Beach instead, an almost deserted stretch of powdery white land renamed after the movie shot here.

Worldwide Local Tip: How about a day-long island getaway, from an island? Oh! The irony. You can enjoy a lovely family outing at Blue Lagoon, which includes encounters with dolphins and several water activities. Else, check out Paradise Island, known for Nassau Atlantis and high-end shopping at Marina Village. To make it all the more thrilling, opt for an Atlantis day pass which costs around $135 and allows you to make the most of their Aquaventure waterpark and other attractions. 

Eat Like a Local

The influence of West African, British, and Spanish cooking is evident in the exceptional flavour profiles of Bahamian food. Arawak Cay is a great place to dabble in mouthwatering culinary delights, with fish fry, conch fritters or chowder, Bahamian mac and cheese, and guava duff being the essential eats you wouldn’t want to miss out.   

Worldwide Local Tip: Nightlife in Nassau is a sultry affair and best enjoyed at Bambu. An open-air nightclub next to the harbour, their multi-genre music parties are legendary and don’t really kick off till midnight, so don’t be early.

Enjoy Your Stay!

It’s not easy to say goodbye to an experience that lingers on in the mind long after it is over. As a worldwide local, you not only get to explore Nassau but also live it.