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Welcome to Naples, Italy!

From the streets filled with charming squares to the distinct aroma of freshly made pizza permeating the air, Naples is a quintessential Italian city. Flooded with colorful buildings and boisterous commotion from its residents, the vibrant city of Naples will stimulate every part of your body. This worldwide local guide will take you past the whizzing Vespas and through crowded piazzas as you discover the incredible sights and sounds of Naples. 

 Visit Quartieri Spagnoli for Old-School Italian Charm

The city of Naples is overlooked by many travelers who choose to visit more grandiose cities like Rome and Milan, or simply choose to use the city as an entry point to the Amalfi Coast or Pompeii. What visitors tend to miss is the undying distinctive and local atmosphere of this city, from the picturesque Naples beach to the delicious and ubiquitous pizzerias. Rub shoulders with animated locals on their own turf in Quartieri Spagnoli, as you immerse yourself in a series of tight alleyways and intimate pasticceria. The neighborhood still retains its authentic Italian charm from its inception in the 16th century, and shows an insight into a typical day for the locals. 

Worldwide Local Tip: You can’t leave Naples without tasting its most popular creation: pizza! Naples is the birthplace of the pizza and you can go straight to the source, as the locals would say, at Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba. This pizzeria has been around for over 200 years and serves up pizza in its simplest but most delicious form: Margherita. 

Naples is filled with imposing fortresses that were built to protect the city from invaders. While Castel dell’Ovo gets much of the attention due to its commanding design and its location right next to the sea, it offers breathtaking views of the city with a backdrop of Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples. Perched on top of a hill, you can either scale it on foot or take a funicular to its entrance.

Worldwide Local Tip: The temperate Naples weather means that you can visit the city all year round, but you may want to avoid visiting from June until August, as the temperatures soar to uncomfortable levels. In addition, it can get very crowded due to the high number of tourists. Even the locals tend to stay inside during these months, as the prices soar along with the temperatures.

Stop in for One of the Spookiest Things to Do in Naples

The city’s intriguing relationship with the afterlife can be seen in an eerie cloister at the Cimitero delle Fontanelle. During the 17th century, a plethora of human remains, in the shape of skeletons, were intricately arranged by a cult for a ritual that would grant the dead a favor during their soul’s stay in purgatory. The mysterious yet charming cemetery offers a different viewpoint to an otherwise bright and colorful city. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Take an afternoon off from exploring the city and head to the bustling Piazza Dante. A local favorite plaza, filled with the homiest Naples restaurants and cozy bars, here is where you can sip on an aperitivo under the Mediterranean sun. Grab a handcrafted souvenir from one of the little stalls within the square, to take a little piece of Naples home with you. 

Enjoy Your Stay!

Although Naples is rough around the edges, its authentic southern Italian charm and warm hospitality will make you appreciate its eccentricity from the moment you set foot in the city. Here, worldwide locals can enjoy exploring every corner and uncover its secret charm, just as the locals do. Follow this guide and you’ll be sure to leave Naples with memories to last a lifetime!