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Welcome to Nagoya, Japan!

Pulsating and hip, with a dose of tradition thrown in for good measure, Nagoya is the vibrant capital of Aichi Prefecture and the fourth most populous city of Japan. You’ll find that Nagoya epitomises a model metropolitan, yet it carries an inimitable personality that is both fascinating and appealing to anyone who takes the time to search for its many surprises. 

Come along with us on a tour that takes a step into the future while holding on to the past, for this is a worldwide local’s guide to the many enchantments of Nagoya, Japan.

Start with Some of the Best Things to Do in Nagoya

To appreciate the historical importance of the city, a visit to Nagoya Castle is essential. Considered a “National Treasure,” the castle provides great insight into ancient Japanese architecture and heritage. Plan your trip around the cherry blossom season to see the castle come alive in a melange of colours with breathtakingly stunning illuminations. Enjoy your visit and revel in the Nagoya weather until late, as the gates remain open until after sunset.     

For a more educational attraction, The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium is a favourite stop in the city, featuring more than 500 marine species. It holds three dolphin shows daily. While at the port, also check out the Fuji Icebreaker, a ship that Japan used to explore the Antarctic Ocean.  

Worldwide Local Tip: Nagoya is all about family excursions, and Nagashima Resort has something for all ages. Take an hour-long train from the centre to where kids can enjoy rides at Spaland theme park, while the adults rejuvenate themselves at Yuami no Shima baths at the spa and sauna facilities. There’s also a flower park in the resort, as well as the chance to shop till you drop, with more than 300 stores at Jazz Dream.    

For the Car Enthusiast

With Toyota headquarters less than an hour away from Nagoya, there’s an imposing connection between the car company and the city. It doesn’t matter if you are an auto enthusiast or not, a trip to the Toyota Kaikan Museum is a brilliant opportunity to witness advancements in the industry. For an intimate look into the manufacturing process, take the free plant tour, given in English and Japanese, that lasts a little over two hours. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you are a gourmand in search of a local treat, try Hitsumabushi, which is grilled eel on rice, and a must-have in the city, and a more adventurous alternative to typical Nagoya sushi. Served at an eatery of the same name, you truly appreciate Hitsumabshi by dividing the dish into four halves. Eat the first part on its own, then one with garnishing, the third with broth and the fourth, any way you like. Meals at this Nagoya restaurant range from $35 to $100, have large portions, and are bucket loads full of flavors. The restaurant is immensely popular, so make a reservation to avoid disappointment.  

Find Retail Therapy in Nagoya

Shopping in Nagoya is all about multi-tasking. You can get clothing and electronics all around, but to mix some entertainment with your retail therapy, Sunshine Sakae and Matsuzakaya serve the purpose. While the former is known for its giant Ferris wheel called Sky Boat, the latter is home to the fantastic Pokémon Centre. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Feel like building something interesting?  Well then, Legoland, Japan is just the place for you. Its seven themed areas are packed with activities that allow creativity to flow, guaranteeing wholesome entertainment for the young at heart.

Enjoy Your Stay

No matter the direction you look into, there exists a grand unification of the old and the new in Nagoya. Encapsulating the very core idea of being a worldwide local, Nagoya will charm you with its spectacular sights and cultural vibes.