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Welcome to Moscow, Russia!

Moscow, home to Russia’s more iconic architectural buildings, is a city that moves fast. Planning your trip here means that you and your stamina are ready to take on this beautifully amazing city. The tourists arriving daily at Moscow Airport know the well known attractions, but a worldwide local knows how to experience them best. This is an insider’s guide of some of Moscow’s finest spots.

Start with a Spot of Chocolate

You might know about the love Russians have for their Vodka, but did you know that they have a love for chocolate, as well? Visit the Museum of Russian Chocolate History. While tasting through some of the best chocolates, by the creators of the original recipe, sample the Konfael collection while you learn about the history of one of the most famous Russian chocolate brands. Afterwards, wash all the sweets down and warm up from the chilly Moscow weather with hot chocolate or mocha at the coziest Coffee Bean coffee shop. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Head over to Zaryadye Park. This is one of the newer parks in Moscow. The entire territory of the park is divided into four climatic zones: forest, steppe, tundra, and floodplains, which is supposed to show the variety of climate zones in Russia. There are options for food and amazing park designs that will leave you in wonder.

Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Moscow

You’ve got your footing in Moscow--time now to search out the best views of the city? If so, visit Sparrow Hills, located on the right side of the Moskva River. It is elevated 220 meters (721 feet), giving a great panoramic view of the city, and is one of the highest points in Moscow.

Worldwide Local Tip: A must transportation option is the Moscow Metro, where you can ride the rails alongside the rest of the Moscow population. You will certainly be fascinated. Most of the stations throughout the city truly look like museums, from the 1930s. Every station has its own unique decoration, a theme, and a fascinating story behind it. I recommend touring the stations somewhere between 11 am and 4 pm. This way you will be able to properly see it without the crowds.

Moscow Attractions: Where to Eat, Explore, and More!

Are you ready to have the best burger of your life? Burger Place is awesome because it has a variety of burgers with uncommon garnishes. While you are eating some delicious burgers, you can play some antique arcades games at the Museum of Soviet Arcades. It has over 100+ machines. You can even play them with authentic soviet coins, and drink soda with syrup (it used to be very popular in USSR). Try “Black Mamba” with cheddar and cherry, for a taste of heaven. 

If you are traveling with kids, you should take them to the Moskvarium. This is an Oceanarium located right inside the VDNkh complex. The variety of underwater life is impressive. You can see fur seals, guitarfish, crocodiles, crabs, hermit crabs, sea urchins, starfishes, shrimps, sharks, and hundreds of other types of fish. 

Now that the sun has set in Mother Russia, you should visit the Moscow International Business Center. From here you can see the best view of the city skyline. As the buildings light up at night, you can see a fantastic contrast against the night sky. 

Don’t Miss Exploring Arbat

Take a stroll down Old Arbat and New Arbat streets! This is a strictly pedestrian street that is a kilometer long that leads into the historical center of the city. Located an easy 15-20-minute walk from Red Square, Arbat is Moscow’s oldest street and serves as a gathering area for the city’s more eclectic citizens. The street is filled with souvenir shops, caricaturists, street dancers, musicians, roaming bands of teens, and more. Head over later in the evening or on the weekends, to get the full effect of Moscow’s artsy weirdness.

Worldwide Local Tip: Time Out Bar has great city views and great drinks for your nightlife experience. It is an awesome local place in the city with a view! 

Shopping in Moscow

If you need to pick up a few gifts for your loved ones at home, visit the flea market called Vernisaj. The market is a great place to buy all your souvenirs. In addition, it is much cheaper to buy here than on Arbat street. You will find everything from matryoshkas and magnets, to ancient Russian artifacts, or other more creative gift ideas. Remember, if there is no price tag, you can always try to bargain! 

Worldwide Local Tip: The best local experience is during the early morning: 5–7am. As the city is just waking up, the coffee shops are starting to brew coffee and serve yummy breakfasts. The metro stations are easy to photograph, and the sunrise is charming.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Never pass up cheap flights to Moscow--visiting this old world city is well worth going through the effort to get your visa. Roaming the city as a worldwide local will grant you unparalleled access to its amazing sights and fascinating sounds.