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Welcome to Montego Bay, Jamaica!

A tropical paradise with powdery beaches and palm trees, Jamaica has a huge palette of vivid colors waiting to be explored. Famous for its coastal resorts to its diverse marine biology, Montego Bay is a haven for sun seekers and avid swimmers. Away from the relaxing views of the turquoise waters, is a city full of character where worldwide locals can explore. From gorgeous natural sceneries to vibrant cultures and traditions, Montego Bay is much more than just a relaxing destination. 

Swim in the (Literally) Glistening Waters

When the night falls, there is a lagoon that shows a dazzling neon blue glow, when the water is disturbed. Boats head out during sunset to a unique phenomenon that is one of a few in the world. Take a tour with Glistening Waters to their luminous lagoon that is filled with millions of tiny microorganisms, displaying a bio-luminescent show as you slowly cruise along. You could even jump in and swim in the lagoon, which comes from a mineral spring that enriches your skin. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Plan carefully when booking your trip. Though you can never go wrong with the Montego Bay weather, you should aim to be there over the time of a new moon. To see the light show at its best, try to avoid booking trips during full moons, especially when the skies are clear. The luminous show can be best seen during a cloudy night or when there is minimal light from the sky--that’s when the water glistens the most.

Try One of the Best Things to Do in Montego Bay

Rafting through the Martha Brae River may not be an off the beaten path activity, but both locals and tourists enjoy paddling through the emerald green waters. A calming trip through the back alleys of Montego Bay’s waterways, you are treated with lush verdant surroundings on a handmade bamboo raft driven by a passionate raft captain. Not only do you float down 3 miles of a tranquil river, but you are also treated to a fascinating insight about the country and its history. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Government agencies have stated that Jamaica is one of the least safe countries to visit in the Caribbean, though you’re likely safe in the Montego Bay resorts. City natives will tell you that they are the friendliest and most welcoming folks in the island, and while safety can be a worry for visitors, most enjoy their stay without any major incidents. Keep a close eye on your belongings as you explore the city and avoid walking alone during late nights. There are tourist police all over the city that you can approach them if you have any problems.

Learn about Rasta Culture 

A short drive on the outskirts of Montego Bay is the Rastafari Indigenous Village, where you can see a living museum showcasing the culture and life of a local Rastafarian, set on a gorgeous backdrop of the Jamaican countryside. The cultural village offers a unique opportunity to experience the distinct Rastafari life where the community lives off the land. From a taste of delicious vegan meals to pretty handcrafted items and traditional performance, visiting the village is an intriguing trip away from the city.

Worldwide Local Tip: A trip to Jamaica isn’t complete without devouring the succulent and spicy jerk chicken. Many places claim that theirs is the best, but the locals keep coming back to Scotchies for their fix of the best jerk chicken on the island. Scotchies is a roadside shack, which adds to the authentic Jamaican grill atmosphere, while the aroma of sizzling meat takes over as soon as you walk in. Crack open a Red Stripe beer to partner your meal for a quintessential local dining experience. 

Enjoy Your Visit!

Never pass up a deal on cheap flights to Montego Bay. A city complete with amazing beaches, fascinating culture, and warm locals, Montego Bay is a worldwide local’s playground for a stimulating adventure.