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Welcome to Miyazaki, Japan!

The island of Kyushu in the south of Japan is a land of verdant landscapes that compliment the beauty of a nation steeped in culture. A natural haven packed with adventures, the coastal city of Miyazaki is a hidden gem brimming with romance and a myriad of experiences for the passionate traveler.

Stunning panoramas, ancient traditions, and an omnipresent sense of tranquillity, Miyazaki is a city full of wonders, and this is a worldwide local’s guide to its amazing discoveries.

Appreciate the Beauty of Miyazaki

Aoshima is the most popular spot in Miyazaki. City living can be exhausting, and locals love retiring to Aoshima for a respite. It’s a place to appreciate the pleasures of sandy beaches, beautiful waters, and dramatic mountain backdrops as you breathe in the fresh air that energises the body and the soul. 

Miyazaki is a honeymoon destination, and if watching all of the lovebirds results in an urge to get married, pray about it at the Aoshima temple, where residents believe your wish will come true within a year.

Worldwide Local Tip: If it’s the historical significance of the city you are looking for, make your way to Heiwadai Park and the Peace Tower. Built with stones collected from across the world, this is where the Olympic flame was lit in 1964. The park itself is idyllic for a stroll or a family picnic. 

Surf’s Up!

A little known fact about Miyazaki is that it is a premier surfing destination, with waves to suit professionals as well as beginners. Spending half a day at the beach, taking in the rays and surfing lessons, should be high on your list of things to relish while in the city. 

Worldwide Local Tip: In case you prefer to be on solid land and still want to exercise, rent a bike and ride alongside the Oyodo River on the Aya Miyazaki cycling route. Primarily a flat road, the bike path runs for 25 km and takes you past picturesque scenes next to the serene river.  

Eat Like a Local

When it’s time to eat, you’ll realise that Miyazaki has a lot more to offer than Japanese staples such as sushi and noodles. Miyazaki beef is legendary, and the local mango, best eaten chilled with some cream, has a distinct sweetness to it. However, you must try the regional delicacy, charcoal grilled chicken, at Maruman Yakitori, which is also credited as the birthplace of this succulent and crispy dish.  

Worldwide Local Tip: What is this? That’s what people would shout when they first tried Najakora Daifuku. A rice cake with a difference, Najakora consists of strawberries, red bean paste, chestnuts, and cream cheese. A local favorite, bite into this one for its distinct taste.  

Visit a Village on the Edge of Town

Fishing is an integral part of Japanese heritage, and to experience it in a traditional setting, escape to the village of Uchiumi situated 25 minutes from the center. As a pearl culturing destination, you might even get lucky fishing here yourself. But do take time out to explore the nearby waterfalls and watering holes that are breathtakingly impressive.  

Worldwide Local Tip: For an eccentric stay in Uchiumi, check out Cinema Heaven. This labour of love has a relaxed hippy vibe to it where you can enjoy a movie under the stars, staying in an Airstream trailer, and devour yummy meals made with locally sourced ingredients. 

Enjoy Your Stay!

In Miyazaki, Japan weather patterns are at their best, and the warm climate means the city is an idyllic year-round destination. However, the city’s beauty is not confined to the scenery that surrounds it but is found in the humility of its people, who often go out of their way to accommodate travellers. Immerse yourself into this astounding region by exploring the very best of Miyazaki as a worldwide local.