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Welcome to Miri, Malaysia!

The birthplace of the Malaysian petroleum industry, Miri has the look of a huge metropolitan area with the character of a small town. From the humble beginnings of a small fishing village to the Dutch oil discovery in the early 20th-century, the city has transformed into Sarawak’s second largest city. Its unique culture has been shaped by a diverse population, which can be seen in cuisine, religion, and architecture. The home to Miri Malaysia Airport, the city itself is often overlooked as a travel destination, but with this insider’s guide, worldwide locals can discover its hidden gems. 

Eat Like a Local

A culmination of fresh produce, home-style traditional food, and a vibrant local community, the Central Market is a stimulating place to start your Miri expedition. The fragrant aroma of stewing soup with the vivid colors of tropical fruit, greet you as you walk through the stalls. Grab a seat and enjoy some mouth watering noodle dishes for under a dollar. Wander through the wet and dry markets after your meal, to explore the vast array of exotic vegetables and fruits on sale, and grab one to go to taste something you’ve never seen before.

Worldwide Local Tip: Located in the heart of the city, the Miri City Fan Recreational Park is a thriving area where locals gather to socialize and relax. An expansive and modern park, it contains an amphitheater, Chinese gardens, and a koi pond. The Miri City Fan is the perfect place to take a late afternoon stroll. 

Taoism in Miri

The San Ching Tian Temple is South East Asia’s largest Taoist Temple and is not to be missed. An elegant temple with an imposing gate, the religious complex was built in 2000 and represents a large Chinese population that have lived in the city for decades, helping to shape the modern culture of the Miri we see today. Roam around its expansive grounds and immerse yourself in the teachings of Taoism, while hearing the soothing chimes of an ultimate tranquil escape from the city. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Borneo’s west coast boasts some of the best sunsets in the world. Head to Brighton Beach, locally known as Tanjong Lobang, for a spectacle in the sky. Feel the gentle breeze and the soft sand between your toes, as you watch the sun setting into the horizon.

Don’t Miss This Gorgeous National Park

Witness the natural wonders of Borneo by heading 30 minutes south of Miri to the Lambir Hills National Park. Located, conveniently, on the city’s doorstep, the park is a vast expanse of lush forests filled with tropical fauna and flora. Miri locals love to explore the park during the weekends and take a dip in its waterfalls to cool off, while the sound of birds singing fills the forest.

Worldwide Local Tip: Go on a shopping spree and visit the Miri Handicraft Centre for an eclectic collection of souvenirs and merchandise. Walk through the aisles and past colorful handmade crafts sold by local vendors. You may even spot a woven bag or a piece of jewelry, to take back home. You can even watch the vendors create their craft on the spot.   

Enjoy Your Time in Miri, Sarawak’s Hidden Gem

Never pass up on the convenient, short flight from Singapore to Miri, Sarawak’s gorgeous hidden gem.  A vibrant city with unlimited access to picturesque nature, Miri has a lot to offer for any type of worldwide locals and is a city equipped to surprise its visitors in a million lovely ways.