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Welcome to Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

As the largest city in the state of Wisconsin, Milwaukee’s history begins with the Native people who inhabited the area of Milwaukee’s three rivers and Lake Michigan. With the arrival of Europeans, Milwaukee became a city with a large immigrant population notably from Poland and Germany, and their influence on the city is still very much felt today especially through Milwaukee’s food scene.

Milwaukee is a cool city, that doesn’t feel the need to live up to a reputation like other major cities might. It’s the home of Pabst beer, Harley Davidson, delicious cheese, and beautiful scenery. Milwaukee has a little something for every worldwide local.

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re traveling around Milwaukee without a vehicle, you’re in luck because getting around town is easy and simple. Streets are often numbered and the city is bicycle-friendly, with several spaces around town to rent one.

Start with Some of the Best Things to Do in Milwaukee

One of the coolest places around town is the Third Ward. This hip little downtown area is probably where you’ll be spending a good portion of your time while you’re here. The area is full of little shops and boutiques as well as hip Milwaukee restaurants. The area is also considered the “historic center of Milwaukee,” with warehouses and buildings dating back to the 19th and 20th centuries. Walk along the riverwalk by the water or, if you haven’t made it to the Milwaukee Art Museum, check out some of the art galleries nearby.

Worldwide Local Tip: For the worldwide local on a budget, the “trolley hop” is your best way to get around town. The free trolley goes around downtown, the East Side, and the Third Ward, and is a perfect way to see the city or simply just go from point a to b free of charge. 

Milwaukee Cheese and Beer

The food in Milwaukee is plentiful, hearty, and cheesy. Wisconsin is known for its cheese and beer. Practically everywhere you go will have a wide variety, but the Wisconsin Cheese Mart has a mind-blowing selection of it, while places like the Bavarian Bierhaus and Old German Beerhall serve all the beer you can handle. Of course, if you want to see how it all gets made, there’s plenty of brewery tours available as well (just don’t go to a Milwaukee Brewers game and expect a lesson on beer-making!)

Worldwide Local Tip: For a very interesting night out, check out Holler House. Known as the “first certified bowling alley,” in the United States, it is located in the basement of a 108-year old bar. The lanes feature the original hardwood floors, the pins are reset by hand by neighborhood kids, and scores are kept by hand.

Enjoy the Milwaukee Weather on a Bike

After all that beer and cheese, you might want to get a little exercise in. The Oak Leaf Trail is a great way to see the beauty of Wisconsin by bike. The miles-long trail takes you all over the city and even throughout some of the surrounding countryside. You can start wherever, as there are a lot of rental bikes located throughout the path, so all you have to do is stop by a station and pick one up. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Ok, so maybe you still want to have a couple of drinks. No problem. Combine the best of both worlds (biking and drinking), and hop on a pedal tavern. Holding up to 16 people, this person-powered bike also serves as a tavern. Tour the city, stop by local pubs, or simply bring your own beer on board.

Have a Great Time in Milwaukee!

Milwaukee is a great spot for a worldwide local who just wants to indulge a little bit. Drink some amazing beer, eat tasty food, and check out the beautiful nature that seems to be around the city at every turn.