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Welcome to Mendoza, Argentina!

Mendoza is world-famous for wine, steak, and stunning landscapes, and is one of the most visited destinations in Argentina. However, while many visitors know all about the vineyards and mountains of the region, the city itself is a bit of a hidden gem. With shaded avenues, gorgeous plazas, and a superb eating and drinking scene, travelers in search of a cultured and cosmopolitan destination should look beyond the wineries to see what Mendoza itself has to offer.

Mendoza might be world-famous for its wine, but as a worldwide local you’ll get a deeper experience. This is an insider’s guide to some of the hidden gems and finest spots that Mendoza has to offer.

Begin at the Historical Heart of the City

The historical center of Mendoza is a charming and beautiful place to start off a day in the city. A stroll along the leafy avenues and Mendoza’s tranquil parks is a treat, with Parque Martin as an oasis of calm and beauty. The city also boasts some truly excellent museums to visit, including Museo del Area Fundacional, located on Pedro del Castillo Square. A little way out of town is the Casa Fader, a superb museum of fine arts dedicated to local muralist Fernando Fader.

Worldwide Local Tip: One of the best ways to dip a toe into Mendoza’s wine culture is at the Museo del Vino y la Vendimia. After a fascinating exploration of the region’s winemaking history, you will perhaps be inspired to try a glass or two of Mendoza’s finest.

Visit a Mendoza Winery

Of course, it would be unthinkable to visit Mendoza without investigating what makes the region famous, the “black gold” of the Malbec grape. Getting out of the city and exploring the enormous number of superb vineyards in the stunning landscape of the area, is certainly a fantastic day out, but you can also find joy closer to the center, with wineries like Bodega Benegas and Bodega Trapiche in the Maipu Valley.

Worldwide Local Tip: The Casa El Enemigo is an unbelievably perfect romantic spot, a bodega inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, it’s truly a unique experience. Just a short ride from the center of town, this luxurious and elegant Mendoza restaurant is set amongst its own vineyard. It makes for the perfect spot to eat, drink, and soak up its truly amazing atmosphere.

Mendoza After Dark

Mendoza City really comes alive when the sun goes down. Sunset in Parque Martin is a special experience, and once night falls, Calle Arístides Villanueva lights up, with crowds of local mendocinos spilling out onto the streets, drinking, and dancing, until the early morning hours. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If a day of tasting the incredible Mendoza wine has left you craving something different, the Cerveceria Chachingo has a fantastic and eclectic selection of locally brewed craft beer, as well as mouth watering food offerings to accompany your tipple.

Hiking in Mendoza

Plenty of visitors come to Mendoza for a taste of the great outdoors, and being based in the city doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the stunning landscape of the region. The magnificent Cerro Arco trail starts close to the small town of El Challao, about 15 minutes from the center of town.

Worldwide Local Tip: After a long day of hiking you might be in need of some relaxation, so why not head to the thermal baths and spa at Termas de Cacheuta for hot springs, mud baths, and some serious pampering.

Have a Wonderful Time in Mendoza, Argentina!

Mendoza is world famous for food and wine, and rightly so, but the city rewards those who dig a little deeper. As a worldwide local, you won’t just follow the tourist trail, and you’ll find a far richer experience in this charming and lively city as a result.