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Welcome to London, Canada!

London, Ontario situated close to the US Border, near Lakes Erie and Huron holds prime location advantage in Canada. Partly a college town, steeped in tradition, there’s individuality to the city that reflects in its friendly attitude and diverse excursions.

Young and dynamic, this is your worldwide local’s guide to London and the raw energy that passes through its streets, lighting up its many treasures never fails to amaze and excite. 

London’s Biggest Game: Baseball

Visitors to London are quick to realize that baseball runs deep in the blood of the locals. For one, the city has the oldest baseball field in the world. Built in 1877, a visit to the Labatt Memorial Park is a must, even if the game is of no interest to you. If it is, then you’re guaranteed to have a fun time at the Fanshawe Pioneer Village. A living museum to enthrall history buffs, the village holds vintage baseball games that take you back to the origins of this magnificent sport.      

Worldwide Local Tip: Being outdoors comes naturally to Canadians, and that’s especially true in London. Ontario weather can be a mixed bag, but Boler Mountain is precisely the kind of all-season resort where the entire family can have an adventurous time, regardless of the temperature. Get ready to go skiing and tubing in the winter months or hiking and zip-lining during the summers--but only if you are quick enough to pick up the season passes, which sell out fast.     

Head Downtown

To understand the crux of a city, you’ve got to know how it functions, and the perfect place to do that is Downtown, the commercial center of London. From branded stores to offices, this is the central entertainment hub, ideal for a fun night out. However, it is in Old East Village where you experience the real charisma of the city. With vintage houses, family-owned shops, weekend farmer’s markets, and opportunities to talk to and learn from the residents, this is where you’ll find the soul of London.    

Worldwide Local Tip: London’s distinctness carries forth in its culinary offerings. While the Colombian Gastronomy Festival in July is all about tasting a robust international cuisine. For a more permanent fix, try The Early Bird restaurant on Talbot Street. If the vibrant and Instagram-worthy, music and horror-themed décor isn’t enough, then the comfort food they serve will most certainly impress you. A small serving of the classic Poutine with Dad’s Root Beer costs $10 and comes with a side order of a memorable experience to cherish for days to come. 

If You’re a Nerd, and Proud of It, Don’t Miss Comic-Con

Not one to shy away from the eccentricities of pop-culture, London plays host to one of the most loved comic conventions in the world. Dress-up as your favorite superhero, meet famous movie stars, pick-up hard to find memorabilia or simply revel in movie madness. London Comic Con is the ultimate fan event you don’t want to miss. Unlike SDCC, tickets for London Comic Con are easy to get and cost around $27 for a single-day entry pass.

Worldwide Local Tip: An excellent characteristic of London is that there is always something afoot depending on when you visit. September, for example, is reserved for the Parkjam Music Festival. A week-long musical spectacle, you get the opportunity to groove with top singers from across the world with more than 40 performances covering genres such as Pop, Rock, Country, and R&B. There’s an ever-evolving list of things to do in London, Ontario’s most vibrant city.

Have a Wonderful Time in London, Ontario! 

A pulsating city, overflowing with attractions that cater to the entire family, London is the perfect unification of art, heritage, and new-age trends. Come along on a voyage of discovery as our worldwide local tribe goes in search of London’s peculiarities and enchantments.