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Welcome to Lihue, Hawaii!

Located on the beautiful island of Kuai, Lihue is the biggest city and the central commercial area of Kauai. It is the most northwestern part of the Hawaiian islands. Its nickname “the garden island,” is one that is very apt as the island has lush greenery in every corner you look. 

In many ways, Kauai is the most unique out of the islands, as it was never really conquered by Hawaiian King Kamehameha. In comparison to Oahu or the Big Island, Kauai is small, more laid back, and much more rural. Because of this, you’ll find less touristy spots, major hotel chains, and much more natural landscapes - which as a worldwide local probably won’t bother you all that much. On your next trip to Hawaii, be sure to stop by Kauai and these amazing places in the town of Lihue.

Worldwide Local Tip: Many of Kauai’s streets and roadways have wild roosters and chickens crossing everywhere, almost similar to squirrels, elsewhere in North America. Be aware when you’re driving around the island not to hit one. It is also quite common to see stray cats roaming the island, as well, so make sure to be extra careful when driving. 

Enjoy the Lihue Weather on the City’s Beaches

Kauai is one of the oldest islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, and as such erosion has taken its toll on the island giving it a lot of great beaches. While there are a ton of options for beaches in Kauai, in Lihue the most popular is Kalapaki. Kalapaki is popular with locals and tourists and is cared for by the nearby Marriot, so although there will be tourist crowds around, the pay off is that the area is very well-maintained. Learn to surf, boogie board, go sailing off the coast, or simply lounge on the beach, and work on your tan. The spot is great for those who want to be active and do watersports, and for those who simply want to listen to the sounds of the ocean and chill out.

Worldwide Local Tip: Hanging out at the beach is great, but if you’re looking for an aquatic adventure a little off the beaten path, seek out Wailua Falls. Located at the end of the Wailua River, it cascades into two streams one dropping over 200 feet. The falls can be found just off the side of the road, so you won’t need your hiking boots to get here. Travel uphill for a few miles when the morning mist meets the sunlight and it’ll make for a great photo opportunity.

Visit the Kauai Museum

As a worldwide local taking part and learning about the local culture, is something that you should be doing in between trips to the beach. The Kauai Museum is located in Lihue and showcases the lives of the Native Hawaiians of Kauai and Niihau. Visitors can learn about Kauai artisans, volcanic rock formations, the arrival of Captain Cook to Kauai, the history, and lineage of the Hawaiian Monarchy. 

Worldwide Local Tip: For more fascinating looks into Kauai’s history, the Grove Farm homestead gives visitors an interesting look into what makes Kauai profitable - sugar. Built in the 1800s, the homestead is over 100 acres and is now a historic site where you can see what life was like in a Hawaiian sugar plantation in 1860. You’ll also learn about how the industry shaped the island. Also, there are beautiful lush gardens and orchards making it a great place to observe nature.

Don’t Miss Kilohana

Kilohana, now part of the Kauai Community College, has a rich history. The former plantation estate provides a look at life in the 1930s, in a 16,000 square foot Tudor Mansion. It was home to one of the most prominent families, but now it is the site of a yearly luau. As a worldwide local you won’t get more of an authentic Hawaiian experience than this. The Kalamaku Luau is held regularly and is opened to visitors. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If waiting for the luau is not for you and you want some delicious Hawaiian food, check out Hamura’s Saimin Stand for a better menu than the best Lihue restaurants. Winning a James Beard Award in 2006, the small first-come-first-serve noodle stand is delicious and a full meal will only cost about $10 USD.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Never pass up on a deal for flights to Lihue Airport. Hawaii is more than beaches, and Lihue is one of those spots that provide everything. Kauai is a place for culture, natural beauty, great food, and of course, beautiful beaches. Lihue is a tropical paradise that any worldwide local will love.