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Welcome to Leipzig, Germany!

Located in eastern Germany at the junction of the Pleisse and Weisse Elster rivers, Leipzig is a city of culture and a hotbed for the book trade, music, and art. Whether you wish to visit fabulous museums, indulge in regional cuisine, or get to know the alternative side of the city, Leipzig offers something for every traveler.

Leipzig offers amazing attractions, such as the Market, Old City Hall, St. Thomas Church, and St. Nicholas Church, but there is so much more to the city. Exploring this vibrant Saxon city as a worldwide local offers easy access to all the lesser-known sites and allows you to discover Leipzig from a different point of view. This insider’s guide takes you to some of the city’s best-hidden gems and offers useful tips from the locals.

Experience the Leipzig Culture 

After you’ve touched down at Leipzig Airport, kick off your travel adventure with a visit to Karl-Heine Street. Situated in the Plagwitz/Schleußig neighborhood, this vibrant street is a gathering spot for many creative young spirits, including students from the nearby Leipzig University. Here, travelers will come across a lot of hipster bars, coffee shops, and alternative music venues. 

When it comes to nightclubs in Leipzig, Distillery is the place to go. It is one of the oldest techno clubs in Germany and attracts thousands of visitors every night. If you’re looking for a more relaxed evening out, stop in at a bar or pub and start up a chat with the locals about the popular Leipzig FC.

Worldwide Local Tip: Shopaholics visiting Leipzig will definitely not be disappointed with what the city has to offer. Visit the large Karstadt Department Store, which is located on the pedestrianized Peterstrasse. Travelers looking for high-end goods should stop by the Mädler-Passage arcade. Keep in mind that many stores and shops in Leipzig are closed on Sundays.

Museums and Galleries in Leipzig

Locals know the best art galleries in the city, and D21 Kunstraum is one of their favorite spots. Showcasing both international and local contemporary art exhibitions, D21 Kunstraum focuses on a variety of ideas and is a great place to enjoy local art. 

No visit to the city of Leipzig is complete without spending a few hours at the Stasi Museum, which covers all aspects of life in the GDR. Expect to see over 3,200 exhibits, ranging from surveillance equipment, propaganda posters, and consumer products to police documents, and medals. The museum also houses rare artifacts such as jerseys worn by the GDR National Football Team.

Worldwide Local Tip: A boat tour is one of the best ways to experience Leipzig from a different perspective. The city is home to many waterways and canals and one of the best cruises can be found in the district of Plagwitz. Visitors into art can check out dozens of local art venues such as Alte Spinnerei, Westwerk, and Tapetenwerk Leipzig.

For the Nature Lover

For a local experience, head out to the Botanical Garden Leipzig. It is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country and houses over 7,000 plant species from all around the world. The good news is that the entrance to the garden is free, making it an economical and fun way to enjoy the Leipzig weather.

Dive into the History of Transportation

If you are into vintage cars and wish to have a unique adventure while staying in Leipzig, we recommend going on the amazing Trabi tour. The Trabant (or Trabi) was produced in Eastern Germany between the ’60s and ’90s and it used to be one of the most popular vehicles among the locals. 

Leipzig Hauptbahnhof is not your average train station. Here, you will find a nice museum with 5 old-school locomotives, including a steam engine from WWII and an aerodynamic locomotive which was built in the 30s. 

Worldwide Local Tip: To satisfy your taste buds while visiting Leipzig, order Leipziger Lerche. It is one of the most popular pastries, and you can find it in almost every bakery in the city. Vegans can enjoy delicious food at the popular Symbiose, while Alte Nickolaischule offers traditional dishes from Saxony.

Have an Unforgettable Time in Leipzig!

For many visitors, Leipzig’s charm is irresistible. Explore the city as a worldwide local and discover some of Leipzig’s best kept secrets at your own pace.