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Welcome to Kristiansand, Norway!

Sleepy and safe on the southern coast of Norway, this is the country’s summer city, due to the temperate Kristiansand climate and the pleasant, laid back, small town atmosphere. Kristiansand is the gateway to the Norwegian riviera’s picturesque coastline, but the compact city exudes a charming vibe that worldwide locals can stick around for. This is an insider’s guide to Norway’s fifth largest city, Kristiansand.  

Where to Begin

Once you’ve landed in Kristiansand Airport, a great way to start your adventure is by stopping by its charming old town, Posebyen. Filled with quaint white-washed, wooden houses along cobblestone sidewalks, Kristiansand’s most idyllic neighborhood is a wonderful place to explore. The majority of Posebyen was destroyed by a great fire in 1892, but the remnants of once was a thriving local community still stands today and provides a peaceful ambiance away from the busy shopping avenues. See a plethora of historic buildings such as the old Post Office that dates back to 1695 and a quaint chapel Sloyden that was built in 1855.

Worldwide Local Tip: During the warmer summer months, Posebyen springs up a market every Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm. The streets are lined with rows of table top stalls selling items from handmade trinkets, flowers, to antiques. 

Get out of the City Center for Some Nearby Hiking

Just a few minutes from the city center and connected by several bridges is the tranquil island of Odderoya, a haven for serene hiking through dense forests. Odderoya has a rich history that can be seen in its ancient forts, which still stand today. Get lost in its many footpaths, and get rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Skagerrak and the coastal city. The small island becomes a social and cultural hub during summer, with many concerts and shows. Locals often put down a picnic to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Worldwide Local Tip: The best place to sample the local cuisine is at the Fiskebrygga (Fish Market). There is fresh seafood on offer, with restaurants that prepare their food with produce fresh from the market. You can also grab a bite to takeaway and chill out at the marina, mingling with the locals while enjoying the beautiful views of the harbor. 

For the Adventurous Spirit

Feel the adrenaline rush as you weave through over 122 obstacles on top of trees with one of the longest ziplines in Norway. The Hoyt & Lavt climbing park is nestled deep in the wilderness with you, a couple of wires and stunning nature combining to create an exhilarating experience in the midst of tranquility. Its zipline gets you to dizzying speeds of up to 60 km per hour (37 mph) through the forest and over the lake. Traverse through the treetop courses as you gaze upon the sea of green trees, stretching as far as the eye can see. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Did you think you would hit the beach in Kristiansand? Norway weather isn’t thought of as “beachy” but Kristiansand has the gorgeous Blue Flag Beach. The Bystranda attracts locals and visitors every summer with its stretch of fine sand shoreline with seating areas and other leisure activities. If the weather is too cold, make your way to the Aquarama indoor waterpark instead.

Enjoy Your Stay!

Hop on a journey to a road less traveled and explore Kristiansand as a worldwide local. Discover one of Norway’s hidden gems through its quaint small-town vibe and breathtaking natural beauty. Kristiansand has all the potential to pleasantly surprise you.