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Welcome to Krasnodar, Russia!

Often referred to as Little Paris, Krasnodar is an elegant city in Russia and is well-known for its picturesque monuments, historical heritage, and fabulous parks. From the famous St. Catherine’s Cathedral and Krasnodar Stadium to the Chistyakovskaya Roshcha Park, the city boasts numerous attractions worth visiting. 

However, this insider’s guide takes you beyond the main attractions and allows you to discover some of Krasnodar’s lesser-known sites. Traveling as a worldwide local, helps you experience Krasnodar from a totally different perspective. 

Fun for the Whole Family

With over 200 species of sea creatures, the Krasnodar Ocean Park is one of Russia’s largest oceanariums. Expect to see turtles, stingrays, and many rare sea predators. There are a couple of interesting rides at Ocean Park, making it an ideal place to visit with children. 

If you’re traveling with kids, another great place to visit in Krasnodar is the spectacular Safari Park, where the little ones can feed monkeys and enjoy other fun activities. 

Worldwide Local Tip: In Krasnodar, winters are very long and cold. Therefore, the best time to visit the city is in summer, from June to late August. During this time of year, travelers can enjoy outdoor activities and visit the city’s finest spots, without having to deal with the Krasnodar weather of its extremely cold winters. 

Enjoy a Day Outdoors

Locals in Krasnodar know the best parks, and one of their favorite green spaces is the lovely Victory Park. Situated on a peninsula on the Kuban River, this park is home to blooming gardens, the Museum of Weapons of Victory, and dozens of open-air cafes. You can also rent a bike and explore the park. 

A visit to Red Street is a great way to spend an afternoon in the city. Lined with amazing statues, cafes, shops, and restaurants, it is one of the most beautiful streets in Krasnodar. During the weekend, there is no traffic here. 

Dive into History

At this location in Krasnodar, time will run backwards. Archaeology lovers will want to check out the Felitsyn Museum which offers plenty of information about the history of Cossacks and houses a large collection of decoration seals, manuscripts, military orders, and rare books. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Krasnodar has a reliable public transportation system, so the best way to get around the city is by using buses, trolleybuses, or trams. Hopping on a local minibus, called marshrutka, is also an option, especially during busy peak hours when trams and regular buses get very crowded with people commuting to and from work. 

Eat Like a Local

Foodies will be happy to hear that Krasnodar has an excellent restaurant scene. Go where the locals eat and visit Bumbarash, the best Georgian restaurant in Krasnodar. Sample some of the local craft beers while chatting with the locals about the popular Krasnodar FC at the popular Pitcheh Pub. If you’re looking for an artsier crowd, visit Yoburg, a hipster eatery that serves the best burgers ever. 
Worldwide Local Tip: For a local experience, go to Sennoy Bazaar, a lively local market in Krasnodar. Here, you will find everything from fresh produce to must-try local foods like pelmeni, blini, solyanka, and pirog. 

Have an Incredible Time in Krasnodar!

Krasnodar is not a touristy city, which just makes it more appealing to travelers who wish to explore the unknown. Wandering the streets of Krasnodar as a worldwide local helps you experience the city from a local’s perspective and allows you to discover some of Krasnodar’s best-kept secrets.