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Welcome to Knokke, Belgium!

Originally a marshy area in the north of Belgium, Knokke-Heist has become one of the most affluent and sought after coastal cities in Europe. Explore the old cobbled streets, or lounge on the coast, while listening to waves, working on your tan, and enjoy the surf. A worldwide local will feel right at home in Knokke with its history, accessibility, and easy-going lifestyle.

Knokke was once just a small town of fisherman and sheepherders until the area was dewatered in the 13th century, and now it’s home to luxury apartments, beaches, and a good time for travelers. Our insider’s look into Knokke will allow you to explore all of its best kept secrets.

Worldwide Local Tip: The city is fairly small, and like many cities around this part of Europe, biking is the way to go. Bike paths go all around the city and for those who arrive without one, Zoute Cycles offers bike rentals for a small price. Bikes can be rented and dropped off whenever you’re done with them, and can be taken as far as you need them, from the countryside to the coast.

Visit the Knokke Beach, Belgium’s Hidden Gem

Knokke is known as the best coastal city in this part of Europe. The beaches are great in the summer months with tons of locals flocking to the beautiful coastal beaches, apartments, restaurants, and promenades. If you’re looking to do a little more than just hang out on the beach, there’s The Sea Lounge. A boat excursion trip is perfect for a day on the water. Look back onto the city from the coast and take in the fabulous sights. Hop in the water to cool off, or indulge in some refreshments on board.

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re the more adventurous type then look no further than checking out Surfer’s Paradise. Located on the beach, Surfer’s Paradise is a place where you can learn to surf. Lessons are offered for beginners and more experienced surfers but of course, if you’re already a pro then just hit the waves.

Art in Knokke

Knokke isn’t just all beaches and coastal views. If you’re looking for a dose of culture, you’re in the right place, as Knokke has some great art galleries around. The Absolute Art Gallery, showcases various exhibitions all year round, with both local and internationally renowned artists, as well as art books for sale. The Art Nocturne Knokke gallery has a range of themes and styles on display and is getting more and more attention from the international art community. Although a worthwhile visit, admission will cost about 20 Euros ($22 USD). 

Worldwide Local Tip: If art isn’t your thing and you’re looking to experience a little local culture from a historical point of view, the For Freedom Museum showcases a variety of WWII memorabilia, such as vehicles, weapons, and uniforms. You’ll learn about the Belgian occupation and the role the city of Knokke played during the war. 

Explore the Surrounding Countryside

A worldwide local knows that sometimes you have to get out of the city a little bit and immerse yourself in nature. Knokke has beautiful countryside when you’re not in the mood to be near the water. Knokke’s Nature Reserve is the place to be with nature and unwind a little bit. The nature reserve is right on the border of the Netherlands, and while tours are offered, guests can meander at their own pace, observing the various birds and wildlife in the area.

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re looking to get even more acquainted with nature and prefer things a little more high-speed, then definitely try a seal tour in Knokke! To do this, hop on a speed boat and venture out onto the water. Head to the protected Zeedijk region, where seals play and where humans can go hang out with them. As an added bonus, adults can indulge in some champagne while out on the boat.

Have a Great Time in Knokke!

Knokke is a place of beauty, fun, and culture, and a worldwide local knows that’s what you need in any city for a good time. Jump in the water and cool off, or spend the night browsing some of Europe’s finest art. Either way, you go you can’t go wrong, as Knokke has something for everyone.