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Welcome to Karup, Denmark!

Nestled deep in the heart of the Danish Jutland region, Karup is a sleepy town, unknown to the common traveler. For those arriving at Midtjyllands, the Karup Airport, Denmark is beckoning. Though Karup is the first town you’ll see, it is often ignored to go to the bigger cities, like Viborg and Odense. A charming rural town with gorgeous natural scenery around it, worldwide locals can explore its tranquil atmosphere and wander through the rustic town. This is an insider’s guide to Karup, Denmark. 

Fly into History

The Flymuseet Gedhusvagten is a museum celebrating the Royal Danish Air Force located in an old military airbase. The museum showcases a collection of aviation articles from the time of the formation of the Danish Air Force in 1950. You can find real models of the preceding fleet of old aircraft on the outdoor museum such as the Lockheed T-33 T-Bird, Gloster Meteor MK8, and many more. Head inside the indoor museum to see real jet engines and crew uniforms, and how these small components created a modern Air Force. Bring your aviators and become a part of the crew. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Tucked in a quiet street in the heart of town, you can see locals enjoy freshly baked goods at Bageriet Nørgaard. From a mouth-watering selection of sweet pastries to delicious savory sandwiches, Bageriet Nørgaard is a local favorite. Make sure you visit early as the best items are snatched off the shelf very quickly!

Enjoy the Outdoors

Head to Karup’s moorlands and into the Kongenshus Mindepark for an outdoor adventure scattered with winding footpaths and a visitor center that grants a closer look into the diverse local flora and fauna, and the people who have inhabited the moors. An expansive and open space, every part of the park is explorable and will even lead you to a fascinating memorial using rock carvings on the ground. Bring a picnic set with you during the summer to enjoy the vistas while relaxing. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Experience a traditional Danish roadside diner at Cafeteria Midtvejs. Hidden in plain sight as a humble restaurant, the cozy cafeteria serves up Danish grilled dishes and classic local food for a decent price.  

Fun for the Whole Family

If you are traveling with children or if you consider yourself a child at heart, Søndergaards Have is an outdoor haven full of activities for all ages. With a cute playground, a beach volleyball pit, and other entertaining activities. Join in with the locals playing games or share a bbq at one of the pits and enjoy Søndergaards Have gorgeous surroundings. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The Karup Kirke is a church with a historical significance for the town. It’s simple but quintessentially Danish design provides a great insight into the religious life in Karup. Take a peek bright interior and an unassuming altar, or wander around its spacious grounds.  

Enjoy Your Stay!

Visit a lesser-traveled destination and see one of Jutland’s hidden gems. Surrounded by pastoral plains and radiating a welcoming small-town vibe, get lost in the heart of Denmark. Karup may not be on most people’s list, but explore the town as a worldwide local and discover a great off-the-beaten-path destination.