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Welcome to Izmir, Turkey!

Turkey is rich with top tourist destinations, such as Istanbul, Bodrum, and Antalya, leaving the overlooked historical gem of Izmir devoid of large crowds. Worldwide locals can delve deep into Izmir’s laid back atmosphere, with locals who have roots dating back to ancient eras, while seeing Roman architectures that have stood the test of time. Steeped with a rich history, Izmir also has a dreamy coastal ambiance, with views of picturesque seascape, and a slower pace of life. Travel is easy from Istanbul to Izmir via flights or buses, there’s no excuse not to go. Discover the charming city of Izmir with this insider’s guide to Turkey’s hidden gem. 

Travel Back in Time

The famous site of Ephesus may be the most visited ancient monument in Izmir, but in the heart of the city is one of the best preserved historical sites in the country. The Roman Agora of Smyrna is the ancient version of the modern metropolis seen today. Set under the backdrop of modern buildings and hectic streets, the grounds of the Agora will transport you back in time during Izmir’s massive part in the Silk Road over 2000 years ago. Walk through the arcade’s archways and for an amazing reconstruction of what life would have been like then. 

Worldwide Local Tip: See breathtaking views of the cityscape and make your way up to Kadifekale Hill. Ruins from a castle from Alexander the Great’s era is still standing and is the perfect viewpoint for sweeping vistas of Izmir. 

Get Lost in a Bazaar

Bazaars are the beating cultural heart of the city, with locals jostling for space buying and selling wares. The Kemeralti Market provides a stimulating experience with bright colors, exotic smells, and boisterous chatter. The stalls offer a variety of items from traditional garments to fragrant spices, it is worth investing your Lira in some local items to take home with you. Get lost in the seemingly endless labyrinth of indoor and outdoor areas as you discover every single corner of this lively bazaar. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Enjoy an inexpensive traditional lunch, like kebabs and the dessert sambali at the Kemeralti Bazaar. There are many stalls inside and outside the market that serve delicious local fare. Don’t forget to top it off with a cup of Turkish coffee to complete your quintessential Turkish lunch. 

Enjoy the Izmir Weather in Konak Square

Enjoy hanging out with the locals at the vibrant and expansive Konak Square. You can see families walking around with children chasing pigeons in a wonderfully relaxing setting. The Yali Mosque is situated in one of the corners of the square with an octagonal shape built in the 18th century. A humble mosque that provides an area of peace in the midst of a bustling area. The ornate Izmir Clock Tower is the literal centerpiece of the square which rises 82 ft above it. Its gorgeous architecture makes it one of the most popular monuments in Izmir. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Have the Kordon promenade to yourself during the early morning and marvel at the gorgeous sunrise on the horizon. The area gets crowded during the day until late evenings, so take a gentle stroll at dawn to have a more personal experience.

Enjoy Your Time in Izmir, Turkey!

Never pass up a deal on cheap flights to Izmir. Turkey’s third largest city boasts a wealth of things to do for any kind of traveler. From fascinating archaeological sites to the serene azure waters of the Bay of Izmir, worldwide locals can engross themselves in the culture and heritage of Izmir.