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Welcome to Ibiza, Spain!

Part of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of Spain, Ibiza is a jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Though most well known for its notorious reputation of late night revelry, Ibiza also boasts fantastic natural beauty, white sand beaches, great history, tropical climate, and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Whether you want to dance your heart out as you listen to some of the world’s best DJs or enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful Ibiza beaches, warm sun, and gorgeous bays, this is definitely the place for you! The tourists flocking to Ibiza Airport know the popular party spots, but a worldwide local knows that the city has much more to offer than just clubs. This is an insider’s guide to Ibiza’s underrated spots.

With clubs and music on every corner, and drunkards staggering on major streets, exploring the island can seem daunting at first. But this guide will help you make the most out of your visit.

Navigating Ibiza

Getting around Ibiza is easy, as it can be done on foot, by car, or by a moped. You will easily be able to find your way around from any of the best hotels in Ibiza. Remember that you need an International Driver’s Permit if you opt to hire a car and drive around.

Worldwide Local Tip: When walking, make sure you wear proper walking shoes, as many places on the island are very steep. Save the high heels for the dancing, rather than wearing them for walking around during the day.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Ibiza

While dancing in a club all night makes for a good workout, an even better experience might be for you to get out, stretch your legs, and get some fresh air in your lungs. Get your body moving by hiking to the tallest point of Ibiza, Sa Talaia, located in Sant Josep. Getting there is easy as it’s a manageable uphill 2.4 km walk, which will be greatly rewarded by panoramic views of the whole island, once you get to the top. Visit during the evening to enjoy an unforgettable sunset.

Worldwide Local Tip: Be on the lookout for an exotic Genet (a cat-like creature native to Africa which was introduced to southwestern Europe and the Balearic Islands) that might be relaxing in the trees. They like to eat small mammals, such as mice and are not dangerous to mankind.

Daytime Excursions

Explore Ibiza Old Town (Dalt Vila), which is one of Ibiza’s UNESCO World Heritage sights. It was built in the 16th century as a defense fortification. The narrow cobbled streets are well-preserved, and breathtaking views await you on top of the castle complex, as well as the Santa María Cathedral--the pinnacle of the Dalt Vila. You’ll find a lot of hidden gems and narrow alleyways filled with charming restaurants and shops, where you’ll learn a lot about Ibiza’s ancient history.

Partaking in water sports is one of the most popular daytime activities. Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Es Cana, Cala Llonga, and Playa d’en Bossa, where you will find water activities like water skiing, paragliding, riding inflatable bananas, diving, windsurfing, among others. Don’t forget to relax, and enjoy the view while sunbathing and working on your tan.

Worldwide Local Tip: For a quick escape from the crowds, hop on a ferry and head to Ibiza’s well-rested sister, Formentera. This exotic island, right next to Ibiza, boasts unspoiled beaches with crystal clear blue water, long stretches of beach, delicious food, and a quiet atmosphere.

Eat Like a Local

The cuisine in Ibiza is quite different from what you’d find on the Spanish mainland. Delicious grilled meats and fresh fish, make up the majority of meals served alongside organic fruit, vegetables, and freshly baked pastries. The dishes are then washed down with local wines, grown and made on the island, as well as Ibiza’s own digestif (an alcoholic drink served after a meal), hierbas. 

Head out to Locals Only, a pleasant venue situated in Plaza del Parque that offers a delicious menu comprising of dishes made from local produce. It provides guests an exclusive farm-to-table experience. This is one of the most popular restaurants amongst the locals, but it is also highly accommodating to tourists from all over the globe.

An Alternative Evening Out

For a night out away from the rowdy crowds, go to Malanga Café. Tucked away behind the main taxi rank in Ibiza Town, Malanga Café is an excellent alternative to the big club vibe and is open all year round. A favorite among locals, you’ll find a lot of Ibiza resident DJs dropping by to play different types of music, throughout the week. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The Ibiza nightlife typically begins at midnight; therefore, the clubs are generally empty before then. You can “pre-game” by buying drinks at a convenience store, which will consequently save you money spent on drinks at the club.

Have an Unforgettable Time in Ibiza!

The party scene in Ibiza may attract a rowdy, raging crowd, but exploring the island as a worldwide local will give you unparalleled access to a lot more of the island’s history, culture, and food, all of which make Ibiza a great travel destination.