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Welcome to Hartford, CT!

Nestled in the historic corner of New England, Hartford is one of the country’s oldest cities steeped with fascinating tales from its innovative of yesteryear while becoming a progressive metropolitan. Being dubbed as the ‘Insurance Capital’ of the world doesn’t strike Hartford as a major tourist destination, but wander off the beaten path to discover a gorgeous hidden gem boasting verdant urban scenery and a thriving nightlife driven by the energetic university vibe. Hop on a journey to a road less traveled with this worldwide local’s guide to Hartford. 

Start at Bushnell Park

Once you land at Hartford Airport, you’ll be ready to start your first adventure. Enjoy a piece of Hartford’s history and take a ride on the quaint Bushnell Park carousel. Located in a pavilion on the vast open spaces of Bushnell Park, the carousel is one of the most iconic spots in Hartford. At $1 per ride, you can relive childhood nostalgia on the 100-year-old carousel and is one of a few of its kind operating today. The antique merry-go-round dons a dreamy soundtrack while a team of horses hop in tune under the dazzling lights taking you back to your childhood years. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Save on your transport cost and hop on the free Hartford Dash Shuttle. Operating a circular route around the downtown area frequently running every weekday from 7 AM to 7 PM. Covering most of the city’s notable attractions from CT Convention Center and through the busy areas of Hartford, the Dash Shuttle is the perfect way to explore if you’re on a budget. 

Laugh Your Pants off at Sea Tea Comedy Theater

If you have a love for comedy but are too shy to show it, you can take a class at Hartford’s professional comedy improv firm at the Sea Tea Comedy Theater. Teaching and inspiring comedy troupes in the city and beyond, its workshops highlight elements in order to get the best out of your comedic genes. If you don’t want to join a class, you can watch a stand-up show and see its own local students produce entertaining programs.  

Worldwide Local Tip: Hartford is a long way from the Deep South, but you can catch an authentic feel of the soulful atmosphere at Black Eyed Sally’s. With blues echoing from live bands and serving up soul food dishes from deep-fried fare to creamy mac and cheese, you can feel the warm southern hospitality as soon as you walk in.

Enjoy the Hartford Weather in Elizabeth Park

Hartford is known for the many tranquil parks where the locals can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy city. Elizabeth Park boasts more than 100 acres of open space containing tranquil walking trails, ponds, and the occasional concerts during the summer months. The park serves as a social hub where the locals choose to relax while enjoying a picnic and playing a game of tennis in its courts. Don’t miss the rose gardens in bloom featuring vivid colors and the distinct floral aroma filling the air during spring.

Worldwide Local Tip: As a major city without a professional sports team, Hartford represents its college basketball team, the UConn Huskies. During the season, the atmosphere during games rivals any major league sports event in the country with a boisterous crowd pushing on the team. Grab some tickets and join in the bleachers and experience the intense atmosphere!

Enjoy Your Stay!

Blessed with historic and cultural charm, Hartford’s reputation of being dull is an unfair perception of the city. Discover Hartford as a worldwide local to see the charming quirks and distinct character leaving you to fall in love with the city.