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Welcome to Halifax, Nova Scotia! 

The capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax is the economic center of maritime Canada. It was one of the first four provinces of Canada and has always been an important port city in Canada. Many immigrants from around the world, who immigrated to Canada, first stepped on Canadian soil in Halifax. Locals know that Halifax is unique and a little different from the rest of Canada, but a worldwide local knows that is exactly what makes a city worth seeing.  

Halifax City Overview
Halifax is home to a large youth and student population with a great arts scene, LGBT-friendly people, and some of the best nightlife in maritime Canada. It is a fairly small city in comparison to others in the country, but it’s so rich with natural beauty that you won’t even notice its size. Halifax hotels and restaurants are fantastic. Most of the nicest places around the city are centered around the waterfront. Places like Peggy’s Cove receives over 600,000 visitors a year, but while this quaint and idyllic island is a beautiful and recognized historical site, travelers should be aware that it can become busy. Instead, stroll along the waterfront through downtown Halifax while marveling at the historic Victorian homes and colorful warehouses, dating back to the 1700s.
Worldwide Local Tip: The boardwalk is a place where locals and visitors alike enjoy visiting. The area is filled with buskers and shops which make it a perfect place to spend an afternoon getting pictures by the water, eating local specialties, and enjoying the Halifax weather on a nice day. The boardwalk ends at the farmer’s market, so you can get a snack after your journey.

“Maritime City” Means One Thing: Seafood!
Since Halifax is on the water, with a long maritime tradition, you can bet that some of the best seafood in Canada comes straight from the waters of Halifax. Any worldwide local knows that the less time food travels before it reaches your plate, the better it will be. Make sure to try out some delicious seafood chowder while you’re here, or some freshly caught lobster. There’s nothing quite like a soft, refreshing, and tasty lobster roll.
Worldwide Local Tip: The nightlife in Halifax is some of the best around. After a few drinks, you might find yourself wanting something to eat. In that case, head to King of Donair to enjoy some of their famous donair sandwiches. They’ve been around since the ’70s and even late great Anthony Bourdain deemed this spot as having some of his favorite food in all of Halifax.

Get A Bird’s-Eye View
A worldwide local always makes sure to get some amazing views of a city, and here, the views from the Citadel rival the ones you’ll get as you descend into Halifax airport. Officially called Fort George, but known colloquially as the Citadel, it was built in 1749 by the British. Located on Citadel Hill, the star-shaped fort was essentially the reason for Halifax’s existence. Be sure to bring your camera to admire the views.
Worldwide Local Tip: For all the history enthusiasts, you can sign up to be a soldier for a day. you’ll get outfitted in a historic uniform, practice marching, and performing drills, and learn how to shoot an old time rifle.

Shopping and Souvenirs 

A trip is never complete unless you bring something back with you. Halifax has a great art scene and local shopping areas that are always filled with locally handmade goods. Head to Spring Garden Road and go on a shopping spree, or simply hang out watching and admiring people as they pass by. There are over nine blocks of shops that are both Canadian favorites and independent boutiques.
Worldwide Local Tip: This is a city hotspot, where locals hang and enjoy the nightlife. There are lots of great little bars and pubs in the area that serve Nova Scotian craft beer, sausages, and pretzels; and during the summer, sipping on a drink outside is common for the locals.
Have an Amazing Time in Halifax, Canada! 

The beauty of Halifax can only really be experienced up close and personal. A worldwide local knows that getting intimate with a city and experiencing its history, people, and culture is the best way to really enjoy a new place.