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Welcome to George, South Africa!

Located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, George is named after King George III. The town of George grew more and more for the timber industry and for the Dutch East India Company after they established an outpost here. Gradually, the city blossomed even more, and the city of George became a small little city with a lot of beauty to offer visitors.

George is the sixth oldest town in South Africa, cradled by mountains in the north and the Indian Ocean in the south, making it a place of immense beauty with mountainous landscapes on one side and the ocean on the other. A worldwide local knows that a place with natural beauty is always worth visiting, and our insider’s guide will show you how George is a perfect small city to visit while in South Africa.

Worldwide Local Tip: Getting around George is pretty simple, as the city is not very big, but it would make a traveler’s journey much easier if they rented a car. Otherwise, tourists can always make use of cabs or hire services to get around. If you’re looking for a really unique experience, try to catch the steam train for a trip to Mossel Bay from George.

Relax at Harold’s Bay

The city center of George is only a few kilometers away from the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. South Africa is blessed to have some pretty good weather, and if you’re visiting in the summer you’ll absolutely want to cool off somewhere. Harold’s Bay, located just outside of town, is a popular spot for George townies to come and hang out in the sand and water when the weather’s right. Harold’s Bay is essentially its own small coastal town, but it is usually pretty quiet with some beautiful secluded tidal pools around.

Worldwide Local Tip: For people who are into surfing (or sightseeing), Victoria Bay is 9 km outside the city center, and has some of the best waves in George for surfing. You can also do a little whale and dolphin watching if you’re into jumping in the waves. 

Get Out and Explore Nature

In case it hasn’t been clear enough, there is plenty of amazing natural beauty around the city of George. For a view of the area from high-up, climbing Cradock Peak is the way to go. Pack some good walking shoes to follow the path down to the river, then to the foothills and across the rail track, to make your way up. There are fountains and places to rest on your adventure, and once you get to the summit you’ll enjoy the view of the mountains and valleys. They are absolutely incredible, and you can see all the way to Mossel Bay, from the summit.

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re going to make the trek up the hill, then make sure you pack enough water and appropriate clothing. Temperatures can range wildly from the bottom to the summit. It can be up to 20 degrees celsius on the ground to 0, once on the top.

Rent a Car for the Full George Experience

A worldwide local always tries to see as much of a new city as they can, and a great way to see the most of George is to hop in a car and go for a drive. Perhaps an unlikely pastime, you’ll understand why locals enjoy leisurely drives. The streets are in good condition, as well as wide, and they’re relatively empty. No trip to George is complete without a view of Montagu Pass or driving through the massive valley for a great way to see some amazing sights and historic landmarks like the stone-walled Old Hotel. Drive through mountainous valleys and winding roads while you admire the view.

Worldwide Local Tip: There are a bunch of restaurants, stores, and places for pit stops along the road, so you don’t have to continuously drive all the way through without taking a break. Stop, hit the bathrooms, and grab a snack or two, before you continue on your journey through the mountains and valleys of George.

Enjoy Your Stay

George is a perfect place for a worldwide local who loves the outdoors. The peaceful beaches and beautiful mountains, make George the ideal spot for a vacation in South Africa. Just don’t forget your camera and walking shoes!