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Welcome to Fredericton!

Canada visitors might not take a lot of maritime provinces and cities into consideration. The area is generally small, with only a couple of provinces, and perhaps that’s why they tend to get overlooked, but you’d be amiss to skip over them! Fly into the Fredericton airport, and discover how the Maritimes pack so much culture and history in them that any worldwide local would absolutely love them. 

Fredericton, Canada, is the capital of New Brunswick. Located on the St. John River, Fredericton is the cultural hub of the province and home to institutions like museums, art galleries, music festivals, and beautiful natural surroundings. As a worldwide local you’ll love everything about Fredericton and this guide will offer this inside scoop!

Worldwide Local Tip: Getting around the city is pretty easy, as bus services cover essentially the entirety of the city. Don’t be afraid to do some walking, as the natural scenery around the city is absolutely beautiful. Head out from your Fredericton Hotel in a pair of good walking shoes and wander along the St. John River, Odell Park, or one of the hundreds of hiking paths and trails throughout the city.

Scenic Federicton

When you’re visiting Fredericton, be sure to pack a camera because so many parts of the city are scenic. Odell Park is perhaps one of the most scenic parts of the city, and you should definitely check it out, especially if you like the outdoors. Located in the heart of the city, the park may not be as big as Central Park in New York, but it is bigger than Sherwood Forest and has centuries-old growth as well as placards located throughout. You can learn about the forest, its age, the flora and fauna that live there. 

Worldwide Local Tip: During the winter months, even with the colder Fredericton weather, the park remains active and full of locals. People come here to skate on the ponds and rivers, while children ride their toboggans down the hills and through the paths. Don’t forget cross-country skiing that is also commonly done around the snow-covered hiking trails. 

Live Like a Local

As a worldwide local you’ll obviously want to check out more hot spots that the locals frequent. One of the most popular spots around town is the Boyce Farmers Market. Now you might be thinking, “what’s so great or important about a farmers market”? The Boyce Farmers Market is a Fredericton institution. Locals from all over the city come here to shop and even local politicians come to meet their constituents. The market really shines because of its famous samosa stand. Every Fredericton local loves them, and people line up early in the morning to get their hands on them. Canadians have a stereotype of being nice and polite, but that stereotype might wane a little when these samosas are involved. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If getting up early to go to the farmer’s market is not your cup of tea, then check out some more quaint shopping spots around town. The Owl’s Nest Bookstore, which is two floors of used books that book lovers will surely adore. There’s also Backstreet Records for the music lovers looking for rare and hard to find records and CDs. They also have a large selection of second hand records that you can add to your collection.

Fredericton Brews

Folks around this part of Canada are known to be heavy drinkers so don’t be surprised that there is a ton of great bars and pubs that can be found all throughout the city. As early as 1995, the beer culture changed in the city, and Fredericton is now home to tons of breweries and pubs that offer their own house ale or cider. Since the ’90s craft beer culture has taken off. Spend Saturday morning exploring some of Fredericton’s best bars like Picaroons (who is credited as starting the craft beer revolution in Fredericton), The James Joyce Pub (named after famous literary notable), or the BOOM Nightclub which is one of Fredericton’s best LGBT-friendly clubs. Ask locals where they like to go as everyone has their favorite watering hole.

Worldwide Local Tip: Of course where there’s drinking there is also a copious amount of greasy food to soak up the booze, after a night on the town. A favorite snack of the intoxicated is the famous donair sandwich. Head over to Jack’s Pizza and Donair on King Street to get your fix, or there’s The Terrace on Queen Street that has amazing views of the river and a delicious rib buffet. 

Enjoy Your Visit to Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada!

Fredericton is a perfect spot for a worldwide local to visit. It’s full of history, delicious food, and great places to grab a few pints. If you’re into the outdoors, there’s a wealth of places to visit, and if you’re into city life, there are great places to visit as well, during any time of the year.