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Welcome to Flint, Michigan

A city with a notorious past, Flint in Genesee County is on a road of rediscovery. From facing life-threatening water issues to being labeled as one of the most dangerous cities in the country, Flint is now turning a new leaf and emerging as a family vacation spot with loads to offer.  

From beach escapes to activities for kids, your worldwide local’s guide to Flint is a treasure-trove of information on what to do when traveling through this promising city in the mid-western American state of Michigan. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The Flint Michigan water crisis is currently the primary concern in the city for locals and tourists. Since the alteration in the main Flint water source, the quality has improved. However, you are better off sticking with bottled water during your stay.  

Where to Begin

Known as the “Vehicle City”, it’s only apt to start your local explorations with a visit to the Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad. This amusement village consists of historical buildings, lakeside views, children’s activities, and a working train, guaranteeing a fun-filled outing for all ages.  

Worldwide Local Tip: To celebrate more of the city’s vehicular past, head over to the Sloan Museum in Courtland Centre Mall. On display here are vintage automobiles linked to the region from the early 1900s up until the 1980s. The museum also holds regular events and exhibits such as the Robot Zoo for children. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Continuing with educational activities, the dome-shaped Longway Planetarium will have you amazed with their knowledge about the universe. It has a brilliant astronomical show every day, the highlight of which is a 3D rollercoaster experience at the end that takes you on a joyful ride through space.    

Shopping in Flint

Mingling with Flint locals is a wonderful way to understand the city’s ethos, and Flint Farmers’ Market is just the place to do that. Open year-round; you’ll find everything from craft beer and middle-eastern spices to the freshest of fruits and veggies on sale here.     

Worldwide Local Tip: Flint isn’t just about indoor activities. Bluebell Beach is a sandy stretch of land where kids can run around and play in the water, enjoying the Flint weather in summer. The lake is a lot better than what it was a few years ago, and there is a constant police presence to keep everyone safe. Grills and picnic tables are spread out on the property, perfect for a cookout with friends.  

Eat Like a Local

Are you famished from all the running around? Flint has a wide range of cuisines on offer, but two fantastic destinations promise to excite your palate uniquely. The Flint Crepe Company is all about comfort food with delicious sweet and savory crepes costing anywhere from $4 to $10. Café Rhema, on the other hand, is a new-age experiment around coffee in a vintage ambiance. Culinary enthusiasts will love that Café Rhema pays emphasis on educating customers about coffee and makes sure their beans are sustainable and sourced using direct trade. Typically, coffees here cost between $3 to $5 including flavors and add-ons.       

Worldwide Local Tip: Photographs form an essential part of any holiday. In Flint, whether it’s about insta-worthy, wedding, or graduation photos, Stepping Stone Falls is the ideal place for that perfect memorable shot. Popular as a walking and picnic spot with the locals, stick around to see the falls shimmer as they light up after sundown.   

Enjoy Your Stay!

Flint is a city in need of a second chance. Put your mind to rest and explore its many highlights with friends and family for a wonderful time. Be the quintessential worldwide local tribe member, engaging with the resident culture, and you’ll find Flint to be a warm-hearted city that welcomes you with open arms.