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Welcome to Elazig, Turkey!

Located in the Eastern part of Turkey, surrounded by reservoirs and picturesque lakes, Elazig is a charming city in the region of Anatolia. The cuisine here is spectacular, the landscapes are breathtaking, and the attractions are plentiful; so it comes as no surprise that Elazig is a must-visit destination for every traveler visiting Turkey. Explore the city of Elazig as a worldwide local to discover some of the city’s best historical and cultural landmarks through the eyes of the locals. From exploring the Harput Ice Cave to enjoying the beauty of Hazar Lake, this travel guide takes you to some of the best sights in Elazig.

Start at Elazig Harput Kalesi

When you land at Elazig Airport, you might be at a loss for what to do first. The most important place to visit in Elazig is Harput Castle. Located on a hill in the southern part of the Elazig city skyline, the castle dominated the plain of Elazig and offers magnificent views of the city. The “Milk,” as the locals like to call it, is also a great place to try some local foods and drinks, as there are plenty of terraces in the area, where travelers can unwind. Order the Harput köfte, delicious meatballs that come with some traditional spices and herbs that are boiled in a thick tomato sauce. For a local experience, pay a visit to the Elazig Archaeology and Ethnography Museum, where you can learn a lot about the land and the culture.

Enjoy Nature in Elazig

Located just a short drive from the center of Elazig, mountain Hazar Baba and Hazar Lake are an excellent destination for those that love nature. Whether you wish to go for a dip, enjoy the sun, or have a cup of Turkish coffee, the mountain which is rising above the lake is truly a magical place. At night, this area becomes one of the most romantic spots in all of Turkey. The lights reflect on the water and one can enjoy the peace while looking at the stars above. Travelers visiting Elazig during winter can check out the new Hazarbaba Ski Center. This excellent ski center has put Elazig on the map for winter destinations to visit in the region.

Worldwide Local Tip: To get to know the locals and their culture, visit the Elazing Closed Bazaar. Here, you can sample some of the finest foods from the region, and buy authentic Turkish artifacts and souvenirs made by the local community.  

Explore Harput Ice Cave

Another great spot to visit in Elazig is the Harput Ice Cave. It’s a great attraction for travelers who wish to experience the natural beauty of Elazig. Guided tours are available, and local guides are always more than happy to tell everything there is to know about the history of this fascinating cave. Keban Dam is also a great spot to visit for adventurous travelers, who wish to enjoy the city’s nature. There are a couple of excellent fishing spots here.

Worldwide Local Tip: As for the local foods to try, order roasted chickpeas or as the locals like to call it leblebi. A stuffed kofte is also a great option, as well as orcikli sekeri, which are walnuts dipped in grape syrup. When it comes to the best restaurants in the city, try dining establishments like Turpol Tesisleri, Osman’ın Yeri, Mavi Göl, or Keban Alabalık Tesisleri, where they focus on fish dishes.

Enjoy Your Stay!

A visit to the city of Elazig can be a memorable experience. Discover the city’s finest attractions as a worldwide local, and a traveler who is always in search of new places wishing to explore every inch of the city.