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Welcome to Cleveland, Ohio!

An industrious metropolis and the mecca of American rock & roll, Cleveland is an unassuming city proud of its heritage. The city’s distinct character, full of midwestern vibes, makes Cleveland a perfect city for worldwide locals to go off the beaten path. While visiting, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must. The city has much more to offer, from an excellent culinary scene to a vibrant party atmosphere. Discover the ‘The Land’s’ hidden gems with this insider’s guide of Cleveland.

Visit the Spooky Franklin Castle

Once you’re settled into one of the Cleveland hotels, you might be wondering what to do first. If you’re into ghost stories, we have a suggestion for you. A mansion that came straight out of a horror story, the Franklin Castle uncovers an eerie side of Cleveland. Located west of the main city, the High Victorian house is full of chilling tales of curses and deaths for the Tiedemann family who inhabited it. Following the family’s departure from the haunted home, the house became a German cultural center and accounted several episodes of paranormal activities. Despite Franklin Castle being closed to visitors now, you can still experience Cleveland’s folklore by visiting under the cover of night and gazing at its castle turrets and creepy gargoyles. You never know, the resident ghost may just let you in.

Worldwide Local Tip: With a burgeoning craft beer scene and locals having the thirst for great beer, the Great Lakes Brewing Company is a favorite among the natives. Visit its brewpub to sample their IPAs and lagers while debating the strengths and weaknesses of the Cleveland Browns with the locals.

Explore the Tremont Neighborhood

With 14 neighborhoods, Cleveland has a lot of areas to explore providing a different character in each district. The Tremont neighborhood is one of the oldest and most historic, it’s laid back vibe is accompanied by a trendy charm and an artsy flair. Wander through the cracked pavements, leading you to quaint churches and artisan boutiques, or take a gentle stroll through its charming parks for a slice of peace in the midst of a busy city.

Worldwide Local Tip: Craving a taste of delicious pizza and pasta? Little Italy is a charming and lively district, filled with restaurants and constant echoes of Frank Sinatra playing all throughout the day. The charming architecture and endless choice of places to eat, Little Italy should not be missed.

Don’t Miss the Cleveland Arcade

With winter comes the cold Cleveland weather, and you’ll be hunting for fun indoor activities. The first indoor shopping center in America and the city’s most beautiful buildings, the Cleveland Arcade is considered to be the most impressive and opulent structures out of them all. Enter its stately interiors, and wander through walkways lined with vintage lamps, and grab a cup of coffee in one of its upmarket cafes. Nicknamed the “Crystal Palace,” its glass roof brings natural light in to showcase magnificent views of the arcade, encapsulating a regal atmosphere.

Worldwide Local Tip: Kick back and watch a movie in a parking lot at the Aut-O-Rama Twin Drive-In. Perfect during clear, warm nights, the cinema has a fantastic selection of movies both recent and classics. Head to the concession stand, and fill up on your favorite junk food and drinks, allowing the nostalgia flood in. 

Enjoy Your Visit!

A city rich with unique culture and history, Cleveland has a plethora of things to keep a worldwide local entertained. Beyond its periodic gritty character and cold winter weather, Cleveland is a vibrant city full of life and welcoming locals. Explore every nook and hidden gems to discover a different side of the city.