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Welcome to Chisinau!

Statistically, the least visited country in Europe, this country is a post-communist country that is still recovering from the fallout of the regime. Chisinau, Moldova, doesn’t exude elegance like other capital cities in the continent, but it embraces its distinct character by owning its rugged allure. Discover Chisinau’s hidden beauty as a worldwide local in a compact city full of curiosities at every turn. This is a local’s guide to Chisinau.

Visit Valea Morilor Park

A tranquil getaway from the busy streets of the city center, Valea Morilor Park is a leafy park in a serene setting. It’s a great hub for the locals as they take a gentle stroll or simply just taking a respite from the hectic city. The huge lake is the centerpiece with ducks and kayakers sharing the water, creating a harmonious park for the wildlife and the locals to enjoy together. With temperate weather, Chisinau is a great place to spend a summer day. Head up the cascading steps to Tamara’s spring and gain a quaint view of the park from the top. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The locals know little to no English, so the language barrier can be a problem upon visiting Chisinau. The natives appreciate when visitors try to learn the culture, and especially the language so learning basic phrases can go a long way. Why not write a notebook full of important sentences and words to help you get through conversations with locals. You may find a local friend as a result!

Wine in Chisinau

Moldova has a rich tradition and history when it comes to wine, with the country producing two-thirds of wine consumed in the Soviet Union. On the outskirts north of the city is considered to be the best winery in the country. The region has been producing wine for centuries with over 120 kilometers (75 miles) of tunnels and cave systems used for storing and making different kinds of wine. The Cricova underground winery offers guided tours through its cellars and samples the unique taste of the local produce. Look out for the private collections of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Worldwide Local Tip: The city holds many events and festivals all throughout the year, so it’s always a good idea to visit Chisinau, time of year notwithstanding. From the sweet festival of Mai Dulce to the Cronograf film festival showcasing independent films. If you are already in the city, head to the local tourist information center to see more details on the upcoming events during your stay.  

Ride a Trolley through the City

To immerse yourself in an authentic local experience, hop on a trolley bus that traverses all around the city. While there, there are other more convenient modes of transport, where you can experience the unique local atmosphere and get to your destination for just one Leu. Hear the creaks from the vintage carriages and the chatter of the locals, for a true ambiance of life in the bustling city. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Stay at the charming Hotel Majami for a cozy and welcoming place to lay your head. With comfortable rooms, a small swimming pool, and even its own sauna, it is the perfect place for any kind of visitor. In this hotel, Chisinau will feel more accessible than ever. Situated opposite the Dendrarium Park, it is well connected with many must-see attractions located nearby.

Enjoy Your Stay! 

Never pass up on a deal for cheap flights to Chisinau, a city rising from the communist ashes right before your very eyes. As you wander through Europe’s final frontier, you’ll see that Chisinau’s cityscape may be rough around the edges, but it contains an undeniable charm that worldwide locals can get lost in. Without the crowds unlike other European locations, Chisinau will make you feel that the whole city is only yours to explore. A true off the beaten path destination, the capital of Moldova may just surprise you.