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Welcome to Burgos!

Located deep in the country’s heartland is a medieval city filled with an old world charm. Burgos, Spain, is an ancient city rich with history, but its young and energetic demographic has made it a vibrant metropolis. Wander through charming cobbled streets with a dazzling display of magnificent architecture, that makes the city a photographer’s dream. Navigate through Burgos with this worldwide local guide.  

Start with a Trip Back in Time

A provocative exposition especially on a very religious city, the Museum of Human Evolution is one of the more unique sights to see when in Burgos. Situated in the city’s heart, its modern architecture stands out among the city’s medieval buildings. Comprising of two levels, the museum holds an eclectic list of exhibits on the scientific stages of life on earth. From fossils collected in the Sierra de Atapuerca to an insight into Charles Darwin’s work, you will easily lose hours in here.

Worldwide Local Tip: Established in 1921, the Cafe España is the oldest cafe in Burgos. Its interior is seemingly frozen in time and has retained an old fashioned feel with vintage decorations such as quaint lamps and impressive art. Their menu serves a great list of beverages and snacks from pastries to even a selection of local specials and tapas. Some afternoons hold a cultural spectacle featuring live music and a dazzling flamenco show, easily earning it a place among the best Burgos restaurants.

Visit Burgos Castle

Perched proudly overlooking the city, Burgos Castle is a significant monument to the history of the city. An imposing fortress that dates back to the 9th-century, it has been rebuilt several times due to a fire and being ravaged by Napoleon’s men. On a day with clear weather in Burgos, Spain seems to stretch before you. The dizzying heights of the Mirador grant unparalleled views of Burgos and its surrounding plains; the locals say that it offers the best views of the city. You’ll see why the castle has maintained its age-old allure as you walk around the ramparts and eerie underground tunnels. 

Worldwide Local Tip: For those visiting Burgos for only a few hours who are encumbered with luggage, there is luggage storage located in the bus station. You can find the storage space through a doorway past Bay 19, where buses depart. Prices vary depending on the size of the luggage. This is easier than asking to drop your things at the front desk of any of the hotels in Burgos--Spain is easy enough to explore if you know tricks like these! 

Stop by the Monasterio

On the outskirts of the city is an elegant monastery that boasts a fusion of Romanesque, Gothic, and Mudejar styles of architecture with a grandiose Renaissance altarpiece. Considered to be one of Spain’s most beautiful monasteries, the Monasterio de las Huelgas features a serene atmosphere. It encloses the burial place for royalty, including kings and queens while housing a fascinating museum that displays royal jewelry and garments. Founded in 1187, the Monasterio de las Huelgas is a local treasure.

Worldwide Local Tip: You simply can’t leave Burgos without sampling the local dish that it’s renowned for. The morcilla is a succulent blood sausage made out of congealed pork blood, along with unique fillings and spices that vary depending on who makes it. Casa Ojeda adds a gourmet spin to this traditional dish with an eclectic variety of regional wines to partner. Be sure to reserve a table to avoid disappointment!

Enjoy Your Stay! 

Whether you’re on a religious pilgrimage or simply popping by, Burgos provides a rustic northern Spanish flair as soon as you set foot in the city. Worldwide locals can uncover hidden gems and meet welcoming locals that are proud of their home. An inviting medieval city that is flying under the radar, Burgos is a great addition to your Spanish expedition!