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Welcome to Brindisi!

On the heel of Italy’s famous boot-shaped landmass is a quintessential southern Italian city. The industrious port city of Brindisi, Italy, is brimming with a history dating back to the Romans and remains to be the last frontier of an otherwise well-visited country. Birthplace of Saint Lawrence of Brindisi, and dubbed “The Gateway to the East,” the warm weather and a slow pace of life here make Brindisi a relaxing getaway. Worldwide locals can experience hospitable locals and wander through their charming streets.   

Where to Begin

In the heart of Brindisi’s old town is a fascinating church, steeped in history, enclosing a mysterious atmosphere inside its cloisters. The Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro was built during the 11th century as an architectural replica of Jerusalem’s Aedicule of the Holy Sepulchre. Its Romanesque design and compelling frescoes will immerse you as you walk through the carved columns and quaint arches. It may not be as ornate or as grand, a church as you would typically see in Italy, but its humble size and ancient history make visiting Tempio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro a must while in Brindisi. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Rub shoulders with the locals at the Brindisi open-air market. Located along Via Pace Brindisina, you will see little stalls selling local goods, from fresh seasonal produce to homemade fare. See the variety of colors, hear the loud chatter of the locals haggling, and smell the pleasant aroma of food as you walk through the market. It’s a great place to gain insight into how the locals live and to stimulate your senses.

Brindisi Architecture

A monument nicknamed “The Rudder” is an iconic sight in the Brindisi skyline and one you’ll be able to spot as your plane descends into Brindisi Airport. The monument towers above the port as a tribute to the Italian Sailors who lost their lives during WWI. 

As it is located at the opposite end of the main port, you can take a short ferry ride across the water. Upon arrival, you will see a gorgeous park around the structure with charming paths, perfect for a relaxing afternoon stroll. Standing at 53 meters tall, you can use an elevator inside the monument to gain a wonderful panoramic view of Brindisi’s colorful cityscape.

Worldwide Local Tip: With warm and sunny weather, Brindisi (Italy, in general, too) is a perfect place to relax by the beach, soaking up some sun. Just on the periphery of Brindisi is the Azzuro Beach. A cozy and quiet beach, it has great amenities, such as sun loungers, and plenty of places to eat and drink, nearby. 

Visit a Castle in Brindisi 

Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi is located on the northern section of Brindisi Port--Italy has its fair share of castles, but this one is definitely worth a visit. It was built during the 16th century when maritime trade was booming in the region. This imposing fortification was used to protect the port from any invaders or pirates. Explore the fortress towers keeps by rambling through its rugged paths and walkways while learning about the city’s deep maritime culture. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Experience southern Italian hospitality at Acquapazza Ristorante. A family-run bed and breakfast, Acquapazza has a passionate chef who serves a gourmet take on traditional hearty meals. From seafood dishes to classic pasta recipes, every dish is made with ingredients bought fresh from the market, and every bite is sure to leave you satisfied.

Enjoy Your Stay!

A coastal city soaked in perpetual Mediterranean sun, boasting a pace of life where everyone can relax, Brindisi oozes with authentic Italian charm. With welcoming residents and a place devoid of huge crowds of tourists, worldwide locals can engross themselves by getting lost wandering the streets of the Old Town, experiencing the daily life of its locals.