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Welcome to Belfast! 

On the East coast of the Emerald Isle, on the banks of the River Lagan, is the beautiful city of Belfast, Ireland. Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city on the island, after Dublin. This old city has gone through a tumultuous past but has always remained an important city of commerce, not only for Belfast itself but the country as a whole. Navigating around the city can be tricky, but a worldwide local knows how to do it with ease, and with this guide, you will too. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Although located on the island of Ireland, Northern Island is officially part of the United Kingdom. Before hopping on the Dublin to Belfast train, make sure you've exchanged your money to Pounds because though Euros are used in the Republic of Ireland, they are not used in Northern Ireland. 

Food in Belfast

Locals know that the city of Belfast is the place for great food and tasty beverages. Any worldwide local knows that getting acquainted with a city includes trying some of the local food. Because of Belfast’s position on the water, the city is home to some of the best seafood you can find. Northern Ireland is an affordable place to visit, so if you’re staying somewhere where you can cook, a great option is heading to the market, picking up some fresh produce, and eating like a local. People from all walks of life go to St. George’s market, where you can find everything from food and crafts to jewelry and entertainment. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re not the cooking type, then take a walk, enjoying the Belfast weather on one of the city’s many food tours. A great way to find a lot of little local hangouts and shops is by taking a tour of Belfast’s best restaurants. Stop by a couple of places and try something small at each one. If you’re looking to wet your whistle, consider a beer or whiskey tour. 

Step Back through Time in Belfast

Belfast is an old city, filled to the brim with historic buildings, monuments, and streets. A worldwide local knows that taking in a city’s culture is crucial to understanding its many layers. Stop by one of the city’s most famous institutions, such as Kelly’s Cellars. This iconic pub, built in 1720, is still serving some of the best pints in all of Belfast. The pub is located on Bank St. and is the oldest pub in the city, and surprisingly it is not always packed with visitors. Kelley’s Cellars oozes with old style Belfast traditions and is a bit of a hidden gem. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re looking for a way to see the city and have a few pints at the same time, check out a Wee Toast Tour. Enjoy this large, multi-person bike tour that takes you around the city, serving you pints at the same time. You can also bring your own beer while getting some exercise and seeing all the hot spots around the city. 

A City Cheat: Take a Bike Tour

Locals know that this beautiful city is best explored up close. Getting around the downtown area and the old city is best done by bike. There are a lot of bike tours offered by locals throughout the city, where you can learn about Belfast’s past and future while exploring the great historic buildings giving this city its charm and character. Biking along the gorgeous, ancient streets is one of the top things to do in Belfast.

Worldwide Local Tip: Visit one of the many bike sharing stations in the city and go on a self-guided tour. A great way to explore a city is by experiencing on your own terms, and the cost of bike rental is only a few pounds per hour. During your adventure, check out Belfast’s unique street art as you follow the C.S Lewis Trail. 

Enjoy Your Visit! 

Belfast’s mix of old and modern traditions make it a truly fascinating city. By enjoying its food, seeing its cultural institutions, and getting close to its people, you’ll be a seasoned worldwide local, in no time!