Auckland Flights


Welcome to Auckland! 

One of the biggest cities in the country, Auckland, New Zealand, is also one of the largest cities on the North Island. The history of the area is impressive: the native Maori people have inhabited the area for over 20,000 years. It’s a gorgeous city with a wide variety of urban and natural adventures awaiting its visitors. It is one of the most liveable cities in the world, and the locals certainly know why it’s so special. This guide will make you aware of what makes Auckland so great, and you’ll find you can be a worldwide local in the City of Sails. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re visiting from the Northern Hemisphere, be mindful that the seasons are opposite. In order to avoid the weather shock when you’re stepping out of Auckland airport, think carefully before you choose what to bring. Be sure to pack clothes for the warm Auckland weather if you’re visiting between December and April since those are the summer months. Also, be aware that areas around the city are much busier during that high travel season. 

Where to Begin

The city’s downtown area (and central business district) will probably be where most locals will advise you to visit and is a great place to look for Auckland hotels. Start your journey in the city by getting the best view at the Sky Tower. This gigantic telecommunications tower provides a beautiful observation deck, where you can take in an amazing view of the entire city in a 360-degree view. For the thrill seekers, there is also the Sky Jump, where you can bungee jump from the observation deck. Choosing to try that heart-pumping activity is sure to make your time in Auckland all the more memorable. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re not into jumping from a 1,000 foot tall structure, instead book a table at the Sky Tower’s Sugar Club. You’ll get the experience of the amazing views from the tower while sitting comfortably on a luxurious velvet couch and sipping on tasty cocktails.

Auckland’s Diverse Culture 

Locals know that Auckland is a diverse place, with many people from around the world calling it home. As a result, there are some amazing food options all throughout the city. For a real taste of not only Auckland but New Zealand as a whole, check out the night markets located all around the city. Most dishes are quite affordable, and you’ll get to try some seldom-eaten Polynesian food like Taro. Food truck-hopping around Auckland is a great option for a worldwide local on a budget. 

Worldwide Local Tip: For those with a sweet tooth, Auckland has a fantastic cupcake scene. Indulge in some delectable sweet artisanal cakes from several locations, conveniently located near each other. Hop in your walking shoes for a little cardio while enjoying a cupcake crawl around town.

Day Trip to Devonport

Getting out of the city away from the other tourists is of a top priority for any worldwide local. Luckily, Auckland has some beautiful places to explore that show off the picturesque countryside and other regions outside the city. One of those beautiful places is Devonport. This little seaside town, across the Auckland Bay, is just a short ferry ride away, with some beautiful beaches that aren’t overly crowded. You’ll find amazing food, like fresh fish and chips, to enjoy while basking in the sun and enjoying the gorgeous views. Go for a hike in the hills, take in the panoramic view of the bay, and appreciate the beautiful scenery. Just don’t forget to bring your camera, because these are moments to be captured so you can enjoy the memories for years to come.

Worldwide Local Tip: Sure, walking and taking in the view is a lot of fun, but why not zip around town on a transportation device from the future! Rent a segway and roll around town, gliding over the hills and resting your legs for the evening pub crawl. Guided tours are some of the most whimsical things to do in Auckland, and will take you around the hot spots, showing you the top places for the best views of the town. It’s certainly a unique way to enjoy a tour.

Enjoy Your Stay! 

There’s a reason why Auckland is one of the most liveable cities in the world. The beautiful weather, amazing food, and overall beautiful landscape shouldn’t be missed. Aucklanders are friendly, jovial people who are always willing to help out, and as a worldwide local, you’ll be ready to help out people who visit this beautiful city too.