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Welcome to Athens!

A sprawling metropolis, Athens, Greece, tells a million tales and is a pillar of modern Western civilization. Athens is filled with unending allure at every street turn, from ageless architecture to fascinating cultures and traditions. You may be familiar with the well-known attractions, but a worldwide will experience Athens unlike anyone else. This is an insider’s guide of some of Athens’ finest spots.

A city of this magnitude oozes ancient beauty. This guide will navigate you through the bustling streets, helping you to make the most out of your stay. This is a worldwide local’s guide to the city where it all began. This is the everlasting city of Athens. 

Find Peace in Anafiotika 

Away from the crowds and the commotion of the city center is an oasis of serene local charm. Hidden under the north side of the Acropolis of Athens, nestled on a rocky hill, is a village with architecture reminiscent of a town in the Cyclades islands. Anafiotika’s whitewashed houses, with narrow, maze-like streets, offer a great insight into authentic local existence. From the smiling grandmothers, hanging up their laundry, to quaint little churches, it is easy to get lost in the tranquil ambiance of Anafiotika. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Another place where you can escape the busyness of the city is the National Gardens, where you can find lush, green, open spaces and elegant lakes. This is a perfect spot to bask in the sunny Athens weather while avoiding the hustle and bustle.

Hiking Lycabettus 

For breathtaking views of the ancient city, grab your hiking shoes and scale Mount Lycabettus. During the summer months, the open-air theater of Lycabettus offers free concerts or shows to complement the magnificent views. If hiking up its limestone peak is too tiring for you, you can hop on a cable car to slowly rise up to the top of Athens’ imposing mountain. Dubbed as possessing the best views of Athens by the locals, Mount Lycabettus is not to be missed.

Worldwide Local Tip: For a unique dining experience, grab a bite at Plaka’s Stairs. Hole-in-the-wall Athens restaurants serving up local fare and beverages are a common sight in the city, but here you get to dine alfresco on a set of steep stairs. The locals love day-drinking here.

A Day Trip Into History 

Ask the manager of your Athens hotel how to take a quick metro ride out of the city to the port city of Piraeus. The city is used as a gateway to Athens as cruise ships dock on its ports, but is often overlooked by the hordes of tourists eager to see the Acropolis. A much more laid back city compared to its close neighbor, the city is just as historically significant as Athens, with Greece’s rich maritime history beginning in Piraeus. Drop by traditional fish tavernas for a true gastronomic experience of fresh seafood (caught daily) after exploring its historic neighborhoods that have retained their authentic Greek feel.  

Worldwide Local Tip: If you want to relax or swim at the beach, head over to Votsalakia or Freatida Beach. While these may not be the country’s best beaches, they offer a convenient getaway from the city without traveling far, and visiting here is certainly a way to make your time in Athens more relaxing. 

Enjoy Your Visit! 

A city where worldwide locals can get lost in the mythology and the fables of ancient civilization, Athens is a magnificent city to explore. With well-preserved ruins transporting you back in time and vibrant and lively locals, stepping foot on this timeless cosmopolitan will leave you wanting more. Enjoy your visit as a worldwide local and you’ll be able to discover all of the hidden gems.