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Welcome to Almeria!

A hidden gem in the arid and barren desert, Almeria, Spain, is a fascinating city, found off the beaten path. Filled with gorgeous beaches and infused with the perpetual Mediterranean sunshine, Almeria is a beautiful escape from the crowds. The Andalusian region is full of amazing cities like Seville and Granada, however, Almeria packs a charming punch that worldwide locals can get fully engrossed in. From its rich history dating back to the Moorish era to its local pride for the popular Almeria FC, from the delicious tapas to the wonderful natural landscapes, Almeria will surely surprise you for all the right reasons. This insider’s guide will help lead you to the best discoveries.

Nature, Hiking, and More

One of Almeria’s highlights is the views of the magnificent Cabo de Gata Natural Park. Brimming with dramatic rocky coves and golden sand beaches, it boasts one of the oldest and most unique geological features in Europe. Located just on the outskirts of Almeria, you can explore the largest protected nature reserve on the Mediterranean coast by bike or horseback. Along with breathtaking views, the park is teeming with flora and fauna due to its unspoilt land. Visit one of its rustic fishing villages and spend some time with the locals to fully immerse yourself in the traditional Andalusian culture. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Almeria has recently been voted as the Gastronomic Capital of Spain for its selection of great local restaurants, all serving delicious fare. Tapas are king here, and you can get a great selection at the oldest traditional taberna Casa Puga. Chow down on their specialties of prawns and anchovies, then wash it down with locally produced wine. 

Immerse Yourself in Andalusia 

The Andalusian region was a bastion of the Moors since the time of their invasion, and that culture has left footprints in its cities. The remnants of the Moorish invasion can be seen in Almeria’s imposing fortress of the Alcazaba, which was built in the 10th century. You can wander through its gorgeous courtyards and gardens for an afternoon of pure serenity, away from the busy streets of the city. Hear the soft trickling of water from its fountains and gaze upon the saturated colors of its flora. The Alcazaba is considered to be a local treasure in Almeria. 

Worldwide Local Tip: For a higher perspective of Almeria’s splendid vistas, head to the Museo de Almeria rooftop. It offers unparalleled views of the Alcazaba and the vibrant cityscape along the Mediterranean sea. 

Almeria Beaches

With a dry and warm climate, the Almeria weather makes the city a perfect beach destination all year round. The city is full of beaches from urban shores to more secluded areas further away from the center. The Zapillo Beach is Almeria’s closest beach, with a lavish promenade lined with palm trees where locals take gentle strolls along the coast. For a more intimate experience by the sea, head to the outskirts of the city towards the Cabo de Nata, and find Monsul Beach or Cala del Corralete. To truly fit in with the locals in Almeria, park yourself here for the day and enjoy the sea air. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Almeria is set on Europe’s only desert, the Tabernas Desert. Its dry and arid landscape has made it the perfect setting for spaghetti western movies, produced just on Almeria’s doorstep. Fort Bravo western is a quaint film set that has been used for the production of films like Lawrence of Arabia and Indiana Jones. Soak yourself in the western setting and impersonate a gunslinging cowboy.

Enjoy Your Stay! 

This elegant yet overlooked city oozes a quintessential, Andalusian flair with delectable food and year-round glorious weather. With the city devoid of the crowds of tourists, worldwide locals can rub shoulders with its residents and get a taste of life in the beautiful city of Almeria.