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Welcome to Alicante!

Blue sunny skies, crystal clear blue waters, and some of the most amazing food in the country can be found in Alicante, Spain. Alicante is a port city on the Valencian side of the country and has a population of just over 330,000 people. The city and the port face the Mediterranean Ocean and is historically important to Spain. Alicante has a long history spanning several civilizations, including the Greeks, the Romans, and the Moors, each of which has left a mark on the beautiful city of Alicante.

Alicante might not be as big or as bustling as places like Ibiza or Barcelona, but still, it should not be missed. In fact, if you plan on traveling throughout Spain, Alicante should be a priority, because the nightlife is just as fun, the food just as delicious, and the beaches just as beautiful as anywhere else in the country, with the added benefit of not being a major tourist hotspot. A worldwide local knows which cities should be on the travel hot spot list, and Alicante is definitely one of them. 

Worldwide Local Tip: When it comes to food, be prepared ahead of time. Breakfasts are generally light, followed by a heartier lunch, followed by a siesta as the day gets hotter. Dinner, typically, isn’t served at Alicante restaurants or family tables until 9 pm; so if you’re not used to this eating schedule, plan ahead. Perhaps you’ll decide to rent an Alicante apartment instead of a room, as the Alicante hotels can be crowded, and having your own kitchen would allow you to set your own mealtimes.

Where to Begin

First off, you’ll want to get acquainted with the absolute beauty of Alicante, so start your journey in the city by heading to the Explanada de Espana. The boardwalk area is gorgeous, with palm-lined streets and outdoor cafes selling cool drinks and food. The promenade starts in the old town and goes all the way to the seafront at the marina, so it’s a great way to get oriented with the most interesting parts of the city. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The Explanada goes along the waterfront and offers some amazing views of the Mediterranean. The ocean waves and air cause a cooling effect on the promenade, providing relief from the heat of the Alicante weather. For those who don’t want to take an afternoon siesta, picking up some small food items at a cafe or market nearby and heading to the water is a great way to spend an afternoon and enjoy a little picnic. 

Hiking and History

Now that you’re acquainted with the city a little more, you’ll probably want to explore it a little further. On your descent into the Alicante airport, you probably noticed that the imposing Benacantil Mountain overlooks the city. Heading up the mountain there is a favorite local activity. The monumental rock that overlooks Alicante, is an old Moorish fortress built by the Arabs in the middle ages. It’s a piece of local history and is even featured on the coat of arms of the city. Pack some good walking shoes, work up a sweat, and head to the Postiguet Beach afterward.

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re going to make the climb, head over in the morning before the sun is at its fiercest or in the evening when the sun is going down. The views from the top are stunning and span the entire city, the mountainous countryside, and the Mediterranean. Don’t forget your camera.

Alicante Beaches

As a worldwide local you’ll want to hang out where the locals do. Postiguet Beach is the place to go for a good time at the beach. The sand is white and soft, the water is warm and blue, and there are always people here, hanging out and having a good time. The beach is pretty large, but it is also centrally located, so if you want to pick up something to snack on while you’re on the beach, shops aren’t too far away. 

Worldwide Local Tip: The beaches in Alicante can get pretty busy especially in the summer months. Book a boat tour to one of the nearby islands; you’ll feel like you’ve landed in a different world. Boat trips are generally pretty affordable, and a lot of boats head to more secluded islands off the coast, where the beaches are a little more private but still just as beautiful.

Enjoy Your Stay! 

Alicante shouldn’t be missed. The Mediterranean coast and beaches are absolutely stunning. A worldwide local knows that just because a city might not be the most heavily visited, it doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting. If you’re looking for a city with an illustrious history, warm weather, great food, and a good time, Alicante should be your number one choice.