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Welcome to Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The desert metropolis of Albuquerque is one that has been around for centuries. Originally founded as a Spanish settlement in 1706, the city grew on the banks of the Rio Grande River eventually becoming the cultural and economic hub of the state. Albuquerque is home to some of the United State’s biggest population of Hispanic-Americans as well as Native Americans, and that is very obviously seen through the city’s art, food, and culture--giving Albuquerque a very distinct feel from other major U.S cities. 

Albuquerque is very laid-back, which is nice for a worldwide local who doesn’t want to have to worry about appearances. Shorts, T-shirts, and sandals are ubiquitous just about everywhere you go, and if you’re ready for the ABQ scene, are some of the best spots around town.

Worldwide Local Tip: The sun can get mighty hot in Albuquerque, so if you’re not used to such hot, desert-like climates then make sure you’re slathering on some sunscreen. Use it liberally and make sure to keep covered. That being said, sometimes at night the thermometer can dip, so if you’re out at night, make sure to pack a sweater.

Enjoy the Albuquerque Weather in the Desert

Albuquerque has a lot of natural desert landscapes that surround it and as a worldwide local you’d be amiss if you didn’t at least spend some time checking out the evergoing beauty that is the desert. Sandia Peak should be your go-to spot in the city to not only get out and see some of the deserts but also to get an amazing view of Albuquerque itself. If you don’t want to take the hike, there is the Sandia Peak Tramway which will take you to the top and once there, you’ll have a great view of the city from over 10,000 feet above sea level. Make sure to head over for the sunset and don’t forget your camera.

Worldwide Local Tip: So maybe taking tramways or hiking up mountains isn’t for you, but you still want to experience that beautiful Albuquerque sunset. Head over to Parq Central, one of the great Albuquerque hotels,  and head to their rooftop bar--The Apothecary Lounge. You can enjoy some of the best cocktails in the city while at the same time taking in amazing views of the sunset. Since it is a little ways from downtown, there aren’t too many people here.

Visit the Albuquerque Museums

Albuquerque is home to some beautiful museums and no matter what you’re looking for, Albuquerque probably has a museum that might interest you. One of the best Natural History museums in the country is found here. Tackling all things New Mexico, the Natural History Museum of New Mexico is home to some of the best dinosaur bone collections in the U.S. Fossils are found all around the state constantly and many end up here. If you’re looking for something with a little more life, stop in at the Albuquerque Zoo to meet some animals that are lively and fun!

Worldwide Local Tip: One of the more “out there” museums in Albuquerque is the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. Established in 1969, the museum is a bit of a Cold War relic but is still tons of fun and their exhibits are top-notch like their replica Atom Bomb.

Eat Like a Local at the Albuquerque Restaurants

As a worldwide local diving into the local food scene is a great way to immerse yourself with locals and enjoy some delicious local specialties. In Albuquerque, the green chili rules. You’ll find it everywhere in every restaurant in Albuquerque even McDonald’s. But if hot chilies aren’t your thing check out the food trucks in Civic Plaza on Tuesday or the local craft beer scene at either Marble Brewery or Red Door Brewing Company. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Route 66 is a major Albuquerque attraction but an attraction on route 66 is the Dog House. The Dog House drive is an ABQ hotspot and loved by all who come by. Enjoy hot dogs smothered in green chilies or one of their many other hot dog specialties. This spot has also been featured in Breaking Bad so it is also a piece of TV history. 

Have a Fantastic Time in Albuquerque!

Bugs Bunny might have taken a wrong turn in Albuquerque but you won’t. The city is home to some amazing cultural institutions and has some beautiful scenery surrounding it and has some great food to top it all. Everything a worldwide local loves all in one amazing city.