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Welcome to Adana!

Located on Seyhan River, Adana, Turkey is a major city in the southern part of the country. Adana sits near the Meditteranean and much like a lot of other places in this part of the world, it is historical. Having been founded over 8,000 years ago, Adana has seen every major conquest of the area from the Greek and Romans, to the Seljuks and the Ottomans. 

Over the years every piece of civilization that has touched Adana has left its mark on the city and as a result, a blend of all those civilizations creates a cityscape that is unique to Adana. It is seen through the food, the architecture, and cultural traditions like dances and festivals. Being a worldwide local means getting in touch with a city, and Adana is certainly in touch with itself, its future, and its past. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Adana is relatively small in comparison to other cities in Turkey, like Istanbul. While a metro service is operating, it doesn’t cover the city extensively, so taking a bus or walking are the best options for exploring the city. Pack some good walking shoes and get acquainted with the city because Adana is walkable and easy to navigate. 

Architecture and More

Since Adana saw just about every empire that passed through the continent at some point, there are a bunch of places in Adana’s old town for those who love architecture and history to check out. Visit the Ulu Cami mosque, which was built in the 16th century, with white marble and elaborate windows, or St Paul’s Catholic Church, built by the Armenian community in 1870. 

Worldwide Local Tip: For an even greater look at the ancient history of Adana, head to the archeology museum. There are monuments and artifacts spanning from ancient Greece and Rome to the more modern era. 

Adana Waterfront

A pastime as old as time itself has always been getting some friends together and going to the lake, to enjoy the outdoors and have a few drinks. As a worldwide local you’ll want to indulge in some things the locals do, and if you’re looking to get out of the city center for a bit and kick back, then this is a good low-key option--especially for the traveler on a budget. Cruise by the lake or check out one of the many restaurants nearby and enjoy the waterfront. 

Worldwide Local Tip: Head to a nearby market or food stall to pick up some drinks and food for a lakeside picnic. Locals generally spend some time around here if they’re looking to get out of the old downtown area. It’s a pretty hip and modern neighborhood, so make sure to explore this less-touristy side of town.

What to Eat in Adana

When a city is as old as Adana, you can bet that there are some delicious places to get food. After thousands of years and several civilizations later, the palate of Adana is diverse. One of the most popular foods around is perhaps the Adana Kebab. Made with minced meat (try lamb Adana or chicken Adana, to start), this local favorite can be found almost anywhere and is usually served with a salad. They can be bought from anywhere from a street vendor to the highest rated Adana restaurant. The Adana Kebab recipe has become popular in cities all over the world. 

Worldwide Local Tip: If you’re visiting during the summer months it can get pretty hot so why not cool down with a sweet treat. Dondurma is a Turkish style ice cream that hardly melts and is regularly churned with long paddles to keep it malleable. The treat is a little more sticky than regular ice cream and is sometimes even served like shawarma--cut with a butcher knife. It’s a real local treat!

Enjoy Your Stay! 

Adana might not be the biggest tourist destination in Turkey, but it should be among the top. There’s amazing food, tons of history, and great sights to behold throughout the city. A worldwide local knows that all those things are a great combination that makes a great place.