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Welcome to Aalborg!

Aalborg, Denmark, is a cool university city with ancient Viking burial sites and Danish maritime machines. It is the fourth largest city in the country, boasting diverse attractions, charming parks, and dozens of alternative cultural centers. Whether you wish to explore quirky museums, party hard on the famous Virgin Anne’s Street, or enjoy local cuisine at one of the best food markets in the region, Aalborg has it all.

From the minute you land at Aalborg Airport and walk out to explore the cobblestone streets, face your trip as a worldwide local--a traveler who thinks outside the box and wants to discover the city’s finest sites through the eyes of a local. This insider’s guide takes you beyond the main tourist sites and lets you experience Aalborg through the eyes of a local.

Where to Begin

Dotted with street art murals and historic houses, the Old Town is a great place to start your adventure in Aalborg. Walk down the picturesque Hjelmerstald Street and admire the 17th century Jens Bang’s House. In case you get thirsty, the area is packed with cute cafes where you can sit down to have a refreshing drink. Situated 55 meters (180 ft) above ground, the Aalborg Tower offers magnificent views of the city from its viewing platform, which is open from April to October.

Worldwide Local Tip: It’s easy to enjoy the Aalborg weather in this easy-to-navigate city, and renting a bicycle is a great way to get around and visit all the cool attractions. The Culture Bridge boasts a 403-meter (0,25 Miles) pedestrian and cycling lane, which allows you to venture outside the city gates and visit places like Vestre Fjordpark and Værket, an old factory which was transformed into a cultural center for street artists and a great place to go to appreciate the Aalborg art scene.

A Must-Visit Neighborhood

One of the most famous streets in the county, Virgin Anne’s Street dates back to the 16th century. Today, the street is home to many bars and nightclubs where both locals and visitors come to hang out in the evenings. There are also dozens of excellent restaurants that offer local and international cuisine on Virgin Anne’s Street. Located on Musikkens Plads by the waterfront, the House of Music is a gathering place for many local musicians, and it serves as a concert venue for Danish bands and international acts. While you are in the neighborhood, check out the impressive Utzon Center. Designed by Jørn Utzon, the guy who designed the Opera House, the venue houses some of the finest examples of Nordic architecture and design.

Worldwide Local Tip: Join the Aalborg Beerwalk and visit some of the best pubs in the center of the city. Walk, drink, and compare opinions on the popular Aalborg FC team. During the tour, you will have an opportunity to taste 6 well-poured special local beers. Also try a glass of Aalborg Akvavit, the liquor that takes its name from this city. You will also get a complimentary Beerwalk tasting glass to take back home as a souvenir.

Museums and More

For a local experience, travelers visiting Aalborg should check out the Lindholm Hoje Museum. With both indoor and outdoor sections, it is one of the most amazing Viking museums in the country. You will find nearly 1,000 graves from the Viking Age outside, and archaeological exhibitions indoors. The museum is a great place to learn a thing or two about the Viking Age. To mingle with locals, visit the lovely Nordkraft venue, this vibrant cultural center is home to cinemas, theaters, and many exhibitions.

Worldwide Local Tip: To try local and international food, visit the all-year round street food market, the Lighthouse. Located in an abandoned furniture factory, the market is popular with students and local families with children. Expect to find a variety of Nordic dishes including the famous smørrebrød, an opened dark bread sandwich with salad, cold meat, fish or eggs, and various toppings.

Enjoy Your Visit!

Aalborg is a great city with plenty of attractions worth visiting. Exploring its sites as a worldwide local will allow you to see Aalborg from a different perspective and visit some of its finest spots.